Published: Mon, March 06, 2017
Entertainment | By Alexander Flowers

Sir Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman shed tear at Logan screening

With this being Hugh Jackman's final Wolverine film, people are what Logan's after credits scene has in store.

"Now I'm eating and loving it".

And I think another reason we succeeded with the film, and with the studio is that - death is not trivial at all. So, I told [Hugh] that same evening, 'I'm done too.

Leicester need to forget title miracle to survive - Sevilla boss Jorge Sampaoli
We need one match like this". "But the present is more important than the past, even with an achievement as incredible as theirs". The Champions League has been the only positive aspect in a struggling season for Leicester.

Earlier this week Patrick Stewart confirmed his retirement from the X-Men series and said that Logan would be his last stint as Professor Charles Xavier.

Even though there have been R-rated comic book-based movies before, it wasn't until the massive success of last year's R-rated Deadpool that studio executives at Fox - and elsewhere - came to accept the idea that comic book-based movies aimed exclusively at adults could actually succeed at the box office. Easily the most intriguing part of what Professor X was saying when he uttered, "Doesn't she remind you of somebody?", which Logan just brushed off. I'll be really interested to see how I'll feel about it, I want it to be really great... but, I don't want it to be that much better than me.

Note: this is hopefully apparent from the title, but this article discusses the fate of Wolverine in the movie Logan, which obviously constitutes a major spoiler. Stewart has been - and still is - the flawless Professor X. Seeing him old, broken and beaten is nothing short of heartbreaking. Aside from focusing on their aging superhero bodies, "Logan's" main storyline revolves around the arrival of a young mutant, X-23 (Laura in the movie), who is actually Wolverine's clone, pursued by the bad guys. And one of the toughest challenges she faces is getting along with the cranky Wolverine, whose gruff attitude was embellished by the Australian accent. For all we know, the next X-Men film may again alter the future, paving the way for another solo Wolverine film. The film truly earns its R rating.

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