Published: Tue, March 07, 2017
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Sleep My Child Lullaby, Go to Sleep My Child | Mmmm ... Cuba

Sleep My Child Lullaby, Go to Sleep My Child | Mmmm ... Cuba

The baby is Isis, I the grumpy toddler

I had a goal of posting recipe every week, but sometimes goals need to be modified, because life is to be lived and enjoyed It happens The last couple of weeks I have been spending time helping my daughter with her new baby. I have made many meals, and played all sorts of games with the 3-year-old big brother, and got to hold and rock the baby! I find rocking a baby to be a very grounding experience. When rocking, singing, and caring for a little child, all other cares seem to fade into the background, and I am reminded of the things that really matter in life. I am so grateful to be able to enjoy this sacred time with my new grandchild.

I'm posting the recipe for putting babies to sleep! This is my mother and mother. I can actually remember being in my mother's arms, as she rocked and sang to me. I do not know if this means I have a great memory, or if she continued to rock me until I was much more than a baby! I put my children to sleep with this same song and now my grandchildren also hear it sung by me and by their parents.

My children were surprised to hear that there were so many verses; They only remembered the first few. I guess they fell asleep and missed the rest! Several family members have asked for the words, here they are in Spanish, and then the translation (thank you Isis!). I'm afraid this will not be interesting unless you speak Spanish, it does not rhyme at all in English.

Any Cubans out there (or anyone of Spanish descent) remember this song from their childhood? Did it originate in Spain? Are there any other verses?

I do not know much about music, but a friend wrote the notes for me.

Sleep With My Child

Your mom loves you, your dad too,

Everyone in the house loves you well.

Mamina with one of my sounds. that was born in the day

wants to be taken to the candy store.

This cute girl who was born at night wants to be taken to take a ride.

If the dream does not want to come here to see little mouse, to see where it is.

P> Lady my mistress, I saw him dancing, with two blond ladies in the royal house.

Let him come quickly and I will give him a silver necklace and a lemon of scent.

The wolf, the wolf bought from the wolf a silk panties and a pretty cap. / P>

The wolf the wolf went out for a walk, with her cute outfit and her ugly boy.

The moon, the moon wants to marry a little bird of silver and coral.

Sleep my girl, you go to the wedding dressed in bun and in tailoring.

Sleep, my child, so that the moon will be happy and olive.

My child sleeps, so that the star makes you a almuadita of basil and rosemary.

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The moon was angry, the star was angry because my little boy quarreled with sleep. >

My child is sleeping, I have to do, I wash my diapers, I sit down to sew

My lady, my baby, why the child cries, for an apple that has been lost. > I will give you one, I will give you, one for the child and one for you.

On the street above, there are 3 stars, San José, the virgin and the boy hechisero.

The little boy has the laughter of light, sleep my little girl dreams of Jesus. >

In the green fields of Jerusalem there is a little boy on the way to Bethlehem.

The shepherds give him cakes of corn, goats' milk and aniseed bread.

Virgin washed, San Jose tended, the child cried, San Juan rocked it.

I will put them in the mornings, where my little girl undresses her rosy pink cheeks and white.

Me & amp; My new little grandson!

TRANSLATION for Sleep My Girl

Chorus (sung between each verse):


This pretty girl (boy) who was born during the day

This pretty girl (boy) wants to go.

This pretty girl (boy) wants to go To sleep, and mischievous Sleep does not want to come.

If Sleep does not want to come here, go little mouse to see where he is.

Mistress, I saw him dancing in the royal house with two blonde ladies.

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