Published: Fri, March 17, 2017
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The price Nina paid was X

The price Nina paid was X

It's no benefit problem Z dollars in the question could mean answer in Z dollars too, but OA is E (it could be A)

The retail price of a certain refrigerator was Z dollars. Nina was given a further 10 percent discount on the already discounted sale price (Y) of this refrigerator (0.9Y). Given that the price Nina paid was X dollars (0.9Y = X), what was the dollar value of the extra 10 percent discount that she obtained (Y-X in dollars ($ Z))?

1. Y = 0.9Z <- IOM Sufficient since problem states Z dollars, hence Z is dollar value but OA rejects its question data ​​p>

2. If the sale price, Y, had been 20 dollars more, then X would have been $ 14 less than this new value of Y.
CORRECTED - & gt; Y + 20 = X + 14 <- Now if we take the previous equation 0.9Y = X and solve (2) we have Y = X-6 and 9 (X-6) = 10X, X = -54 negative number Not Sufficient, as Nina can not pay -54 dollars

@lordwells: in your solution you had complicated the task with introduction of the third variable and confused the calc.

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lordwells wrote:

Please help me! ... I think that right answer is B and I can not understand OA.

It is quite obvious that Sentence 1 is not sufficient since it does not provide us with exact figures.

Differently I have my problems in understanding why Sentence 2 is not sufficient.

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