Published: Sat, March 18, 2017
Entertainment | By Alexander Flowers

This new T-Rex will make Monopoly nerds forget about the thimble

This new T-Rex will make Monopoly nerds forget about the thimble

"The Monopoly Token Madness Vote was our biggest fan-powered program to date and the global Monopoly community has spoken!" vice president of marketing for Hasbro Gaming Jonathan Berkowitz said. The thimble and boot have been a part of the board game since 1935 and the wheelbarrow was introduced in the 1950s. The T-rex followed closely behind but the most popular token from the originals, was the vehicle, with over 167,000 votes.

New versions of the Monopoly will feature a much more animal-heavy cast of Tokens than traditional editions of the game did in the past.

If you're mad for Monopoly, you'll be sad to learn of the departure of three iconic game pieces. In January, voters weighed in on the eight tokens they wanted to see included in Monopoly's next iteration.

The T. rex proved the most popular new token in the vote, coming in second place overall - right behind the Scottie dog, which received the most votes.

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The winners: a Tyrannosaurus rex, a penguin and a rubber ducky. The top hat emerged from the scrum unscathed, as did the battleship and racecar, all three of which have been staples since 1937.

But this is not the first time Monopoly has given its fans the opportunity to tweak the game. Replacing them will be the T-Rex, the rubbery ducky and the penguin.

Prior to this revision, the most recent lineup change occurred when the cat was swapped in for the iron. It'll be joined on the sidelines by soon-to-be former tokens shoe and wheelbarrow. The fake holiday actually falls on Sunday, March 19, but that's not a good day for the announcement people, so here we are.

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