Published: Sun, March 12, 2017
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Why Does My Dog ... Shake Your Head All the Time?

Why Does My Dog ... Shake Your Head All the Time?

While some dogs seem to like the sound of their ID tags when they collide with each other, most of their dogs shake their heads because their ears annoy them.

If you see your dog shaking their head more than normal, it is usually the best option. Time to go visit the vet.

Possible Cause: Otitis A common cause for a dog to shake the head is otitis externa, an inflammation of the outside of the ear canal. While mites, wax plugs, grass and other factors can cause such behavior, in most cases, it is an allergy in process.

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Once the ear canal becomes inflamed, Bacteria and fungi can invade the area, since the moist and dark places are exactly where they like to be.

In addition to shaking their heads, dogs with otitis may have red, inflamed ears. Your dog may moan with relief when you brush his ears or howl with a touch, no matter how soft.

If there is a secondary infection, there may be flow in your ears, and even an unpleasant smell Coming from the ear canal. Some breeds, such as Dachshunds and Jack Russel Terriers, are more susceptible to optic vasculitis, or inflammation of the blood vessels in the ward.

Possible Guilty: Optic Vasculitis


The condition is believed to be caused by an immune disorder, freezing or by biting flies, but other environmental factors may also influence it.

Sometimes a dog shakes his head is what can cause a problem. When the ears collide against the skull, the blood vessels inside the canopy can burst, forming a bag of blood known as a hematoma. This protrusion under the skin will cause the dog to shake its head even more.

If your dog shakes his head more than normal, make an appointment with the vet. With the correct diagnosis, it can give you the best treatment to relieve irritation, so it might be necessary for your dog to wear a collar for a week or two. It is a cheap price to pay so as to have a more comfortable and relaxed dog.

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