Published: Wed, April 05, 2017
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Cervicovaginitis & mdash; All Things Vagina

Cervicovaginitis & mdash; All Things Vagina

Cervicovaginitis is a condition whereby the vagina and cervical squamous epithelial cells (mucosa) become inflamed due to infection. This damages the surface cells, and leads to ulceration and reduced epithelial thickness, since the top (superficial) layer of cells is lost. Symptoms of cervicovaginitis

Barotitis Media and Common Cold
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The surface and intermediate cells (containing glycogen) may be lost, with the deeper cells swollen due to an influx of neutrophils in the space between cells. Ulceration or lesions on the vaginal or cervical epithelium

Excess discharge White discharge Frothy, gray or greenish- Discharge may not smell bad Lower abdominal pain Back smelling (malodorous) discharge Itching Redness Painful sex (dyspareunia) Upon examination, there will be evidence of congestion and ulceration, Trauma to the area Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis is made by a doctor after an examination and t

Esting. Usually the source of the inflammation can be found, and treatment pursued - either antimicrobials or removing the irritant.

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