Published: Tue, April 11, 2017
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Dawn very soon here: map of the deviation between the solar and the official time - Fronteras

Dawn very soon here: map of the deviation between the solar and the official time - Fronteras

Click the image to enlarge. Credits: Adam Cadre

Thanks to Milhaud I have discovered this wonderful map that shows the time deviation between solar time (ie the time that should be according to the position of the Sun in the sky) And the official time. As our readers are well aware, the official time is marked by the distance to the Greenwich Meridian, although the governments of each country have absolute authority to make official the time that they want. For that reason, and because of the compartmentalization of the world in time zones, most of the planet is ahead of, or usually behind, its solar time. On the map are very extreme cases provoked by local politics of greater or lesser sense.

One of the largest deviations, if not the largest of all, is found in China. All China shares the same time zone (UTC + 8) by political decision of the government, which forces the whole country to share the time of Beijing (to which he writes Beijing ban in perpetuity of this blog. In such an immense geographical extent that in the countries of its surroundings there are differences of up to six hours (those that exist between Tajikistan and Vladivostok), China has only established an official hour, the Hour of Peking. It was not always so; Until 1949, with the establishment of the People's Republic of China, there were five different time zones. As a result of the imposition of the single timetable, the western zones of the country, such as Tibet, suffer from deviations of up to three hours from their solar time. In fact, in Tibet it is used as unofficial time UTC + 6 to avoid evening after midnight and so on.

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Map of China time zones (of territories claimed by the Republic Of China) between 1912 and 1949

Mean deviation from solar time in European summer. Notice how Galicia is the only area above three hours (source)

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