Published: Sat, April 08, 2017
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Did you know that dogs and cats are also depressed? Learn how to detect and fix it - The voice of the wall

Did you know that dogs and cats are also depressed? Learn how to detect and fix it - The voice of the wall

Has your dog stopped jumping with joy when you get home? Does your cat sleep all day? Do not the food bowl end? You may think that you are getting old or that your food no longer likes it, but often these kinds of behaviors hide a bigger problem.

Like humans, dogs And cats (as well as many other animals) may experience depressive episodes at some point in their life.

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Know identify symptoms and learn the best strategies for their healing < / Strong> is the best way to help them regain their former joviality; But remember that the first thing you should do if you notice something weird about your pet's behavior is to go to the vet.

Possible Causes

The most common trigger of pet depression is Experience of traumatic situations in your daily life , such as:

  • The arrival of a new member to the family (be it another dog or a baby) Li>
  • A move
  • Changes in the routine of people you live with
  • Loss of a herd member (death or separation of humans or other animals)
  • Living in a violent situation (quarrel with another dog or an accident)
  • Any of the following symptoms can be caused by some serious physical ailment, so your first choice should always be to go to the vet . If all is well on a physical level, keep in mind that - just like humans - dogs and cats experience changes in their emotional state and may suffer from depression. Symptoms are not always easy to identify, and often confused with tiredness or boredom, subtracting the attention you need and deserve this problem.

    1. Lack of appetite

    If your pet does not finish his meal, ignores the prizes or has stopped asking at the table, he may be depressed or something much worse. Lack of appetite is an important indicator of your health and mood; Take it to the vet.

    2. Sleep too much

    If you spend the day sleeping and do not exercise enough to be so tired it may mean you are discouraged.

    3. They lick and bite their legs constantly

    All pets tend to groom themselves, but doing so too often indicates that they feel anxious and try to calm down with this behavior. 4. Lack of interest

    If you throw the ball and your dog ignores it, suspect. This behavior is very strange in them.

    5. Avoidance

    Have you started withdrawing from living quarters? If you avoid places with people and prefer to be alone or hidden in some corner, you must suspect that there is something in your mood or health that is not going well.

    Therapeutic Strategies To assist in their recovery

    You must understand that the same measure will not be taken if the problem comes due to lack of exercise, overprotection or, for example, loneliness due to a change of work that prevents you from spending the same time at your side. Here are some strategies that can help you:

    1. Increase walking times

    Visit new places, parks or take it to the countryside. Play with it, run it and let it crawl the space freely.

    2. Consider adopting another animal

    If your pet spends a lot of time alone and you can not relieve your loneliness, seriously consider adopting another animal. In this way, Company.

    3. Play with him

    Pets are not to be ignored. Spend 30 minutes a day playing with him; Stimulate it with toys, wiggle it, smile and have a good time in your company. It will be good for him, but also for you.

    4. Set some time to socialize

    Take him somewhere where you know there are more animals or, when you invite your friends home, propose to bring your pets if you think it is possible.

    5. Views and natural light

    If you had to stay home alone, you would not leave yourself locked in a room with blinds down, right? Open the windows, allow the natural light to pass and remove the curtains so that they can look at the street.

    6. Leave the radio on

    If you feel alone, set the radio or TV to turn on by itself, it is a curious way to cause certain stimuli around you and break the monotony .

    7. Eliminate barriers between you

    Animals find it reassuring and comforting to spend some time "skin with skin". He thinks that when we watch TV or we are reading a book, we can do it with them, letting them rest on our lap.

    8. Keep him awake

    It's not just a saying, music is an excellent stimulus that will keep you on the alert.

    10. Games and Rewards

    There are many toys that reward your curiosity with some kind of reward in the form of food. Here we teach you how to make one with recycled materials.

    11. Change your diet a little

    Change your food or mix it occasionally with some meat, meatballs or tuna. Do not do it every day to not get used to it.

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