Published: Wed, April 12, 2017
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EAN 5060158050895 Scarlet Red We Made Me Bslsr The Baba Sling Lite Baby Sling, Red | Buycott UPC Lookup

EAN 5060158050895 Scarlet Red We Made Me Bslsr The Baba Sling Lite Baby Sling, Red | Buycott UPC Lookup

Ultra-lightweight and super breathable, theBabaSling® Lite is our collection of baby slings designed specifically for hotter climates and summer months. Made with airy cotton twill, the Lite is 20% lighter than our Classic collection, perfect for keeping you cool baby and comfy while out and about. The Lite is also great for active parents who may want the added benefits of the lighter material without sacrificing any of the quality or durability of our classic carriers.

theBabaSling® baby carrier was designed to keep babies safe, close, and happy while giving parents the freedom to get on with everyday life hands-free. Suitable for newborn babies to toddlers two years +, this carrier offers amazing versatility with at least five carrying positions including two perfect for discreet breastfeeding.

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The Unique Adjustment System makes it quick and easy to resize for any member of the family, while the safety buckle makes it easy to take off without disturbing a sleeping baby. The railings and shoulder straps also have a thick cushion to provide extra support and comfort for parent and baby.

Many healthcare practitioners including osteopaths and chiropractors consider the hammock style of theBabaSling® to be ideal for healthy spinal development in Infancy. The ergonomic shape of the baby sling is specifically designed to support your baby's weight evenly without putting any unwanted pressure on a newborn's developing hips and spine like some upright carriers.

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