Published: Sun, April 02, 2017
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Everyone is Talking about Bitcoin - Foundation for Economic Education - Working for a free and prosperous world

Everyone is Talking about Bitcoin - Foundation for Economic Education - Working for a free and prosperous world

I'm getting a flurry of messages: how do I buy Bitcoin? What's the best article explaining this stuff? How to answer the critics? (Might try here, here, here, and here.)

Markets can be unpredictable. But the way people talk about markets is all too predictable.

When financial assets go up in price, they become the topic of conversation. When they go way up in price, people feel it to buy. When they soar to the moon, people jump in the markets - and ride the price all the way back down.

Then while the assets are out of the news, they disappear from the business pages and only the savviest Investors buy. Then they ride the wave up.

Bitcoin Bubbles and Busts

This is why smart money wins and dumb money loses. It's been this way for seven years with Bitcoin. When the dollar exchange rate is falling, people get bored or even disgusted. When it is rising, people get interested and excited. The challenge of Bitcoin is to see through the waves of hysteria and despair to take a longer view.

In the end, Bitcoin is not really about the dollar exchange rate. It is about its use as a technology. If Bitcoin was only worth a fraction of a penny, the concept would already be proven. It demonstrates that money can be a digital product, created by government or central banks but rather through the same kind of ingenuity that has already transformed the world since the advent of digital age.

When the Bitcoin white Paper came out in October 2008, only a few were interested. Five years would pass before discussion of the idea even approached the mainstream. Now we see the world's largest and most heavily capitalized banks, payment processing companies, and venture capitalists working to incorporate Bitcoin's distributed ledger into their operations.

For the last year, the exchange rate hovered around $ 250, but because it was down from its high, people lost interest.

What is the right BTC Price?

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The Recent history of cryptocurrency should have taught this lesson: No one knows the right exchange rate for Bitcoin. That is something to be discovered in the course of market trading. There is no final answer. The progress of technology and the shaping of economic value knows no end.

On his seventh birthday, Bitcoin broke from his hiatus and has spiked to over $ 350, on its way to $ 400. And so, of course, it's back in the news. Everyone wants to know the source of the last price run up. There is speculation that it is being driven by demand from China, where bad economic news keeps rolling in. There has also been a new wave of funding for Bitcoin enterprises, plus an awesome cover story in the Economist magazine.

Whatever the reason, this much is clear clear: Bitcoin is perhaps The most promising innovation of our lifetimes, one that points to a future of commodified, immutable, and universal information exchange. It could not only revolutionize contracting and titling. It could become a global currency that operates outside the nation state and banking structures as we've known them for 500 years. It could break the model of money monopolization that has been in operation for thousands of years.

Technology in Fits and Starts

Successful technology does not become socially useful in the laboratory. Market experience combined with entrepreneurial risk are what means to make a difference in the world at large.

Bitcoin was not created in the monetary labs of the Federal Reserve or banks or universities. In that sense, Bitcoin had every disadvantage: No funding, no status, no official endorsements, no big- Name boosters. It has faced an ongoing flogging by bigshots. It has been regulated and suppressed by governments. It has been hammered constantly by scammers, laughed at by experts, and denounced by moralists for seven straight years.

And yet, even given all of this, it has persisted solely on its own merits. It's the ultimate "antifragile" technology, growing stronger in the face of every challenge.

What will be the main source of Bitcoin's breakout into the mainstream? Commentary trends suggest it will be international remittances. It is incredible that moving money across national borders is difficult and expensive as it is. With Bitcoin, you remove almost all time delays and transaction costs. So it is not surprising that this is a huge potential growth area for Bitcoin.

The Economist takes a different direction. It speculates that Bitcoin technology will be mostly useful as a record-keeping device. It is a machine for creating trust.

One idea, for example, is to make cheap, tamper-proof public databases - land registries, say, (Honduras and Greece are interested); Or registers of the ownership of luxury goods or works of art. Documents can be notarized by embedding information about them into a public blockchain - and you will no longer need to notary to vouch for them.

We Need Bitcoin

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