Published: Sun, April 23, 2017
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Ideas for Quick Breakfasts: American Diabetes Association®

Ideas for Quick Breakfasts: American Diabetes Association®

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You do not need to stop eating a healthy breakfast in the morning, even if you have little time. These are ways to start the day with a quick, nutritious meal that will energize you all morning.

Fill the pantry

You may have days when fast food is your only option in the morning. Fortunately, many restaurants now offer healthier options. Here are some good options you can look for:

  • Order a small latte made with skim milk and buy a small packet of nuts, a small fruit or both to accompany it. Li> Oatmeal is now a popular dish on the breakfast menu. Order it and mix it with fresh or dried fruits and nuts.
  • Try a small fruit and parfait of yogurt with a cup of coffee.
  • Try to eat a cheese and egg wrap or sandwich for breakfast. Add vegetables if possible and do not eat bacon or sausage.

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