Published: Sat, April 29, 2017
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If you, like me, suffer from uterine fibroids, this page is for you.

Sancocho de Gallina Recipe | How rich life
In some countries it is the soup of Saturday or the Sunday to enjoy in family and generally it eats like main plate. Although it has its variants: sancocho, salcocho, boiled or ajiaco, its form of seasoning is almost the same.

The most effective way to cure cancer and all types of tumors as fibroids.

Next related names: Air Flower, Fortune Leaf, Witch Leaf, Air Sheet, Leaf of Life, Immortal, Prodigious, Lifetime, Resurrection, Miracle Sheet, Donkey Ear, among other possible names.

Succulent plant. Originally from Madagascar. Always green, evergreen.

For treatment of the following diseases:

Used to treat cancer. Also to treat wounds of difficult healing, treatments of schizophrenia, panic crisis and fears, among other diseases. It is a broad spectrum plant, which means that it can heal cellular damage of many organs: such as diabetes, lung diseases, kidneys, kidney stones, urogenital system disorders, digestive system disorders, skin conditions, (Breasts, uterus, fertility, fibroids fibromas, endometriosis etc.), circulatory problems, among others not mentioned expressly, hemorrhoids, brain, asthma, sinusitis, system Weak immune, bronchitis. Externally an infusion of leaf or leaf juice is used for headaches, toothaches, stomach, ears, eye infections, wounds, gangrene, ulcers, skin rashes, burns, insect bites. / P>

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