Published: Sun, April 02, 2017
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Is my Sacral Chakra Blocked? - Tiny Buddha

Is my Sacral Chakra Blocked? - Tiny Buddha

I just read a bit about the "sacral chakra" in Wikipedia. It is associated (for females) with the ovaries. There are links showing when I googled about yoga practices and such that may interest you (I am careful not to open myself, these days).

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I think that's not being in touch with your body- I've been out of touch myself-it's a lot of anxiety. Anxiety is ongoing, excess fear. Fear in nature, motivates an animal, when in danger to either RUN or FIGHT. But sometimes, when the animal has nowhere to run and no chance to win if it fights, it FREEZES. When it freezes, it is blocked, big time. It just lies there, not moving, feeling stranger to itself and its body.

In humans, when we are scared for too long, we too Freeze, in other words, we feel strangers to our own bodies. Competent psychotherapy to heal from anxiety will help a whole lot. Practices like slow yoga will help as well, it helped me. It put me in touch with my body. Before the yoga (and therapy) I felt like I was a huge head thinking, thinking and then thinking again. With yoga, I felt there was more to me than my overthinking brain, underneath- muscles I was not aware of, sensations.

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