Published: Sun, April 30, 2017
World | By Tasha Manning

RK Shadows

RK Shadows

RK ShadowS & amp; Spirit Walkers Year in review!

Well all . another successful year for RKS / SW has come to an end, and a new one shall begin! I just wanted to say . ALL of you are such amazing people, and whether you are a member or an org friend . all of your help, kindness and friendship, you have made Anarchy Online (even in it's times of drabness due to game Malfunctions & gt;. & Gt;.) Have made it all so worthwhile to log on each day . even if it's just chat, which when I'm sick, that's about all I can do lol ... you have all made this Year of '07 (the real world year! -gasp- yes there a place outside AO . I saw it once last week . was . bright . I think they call that thing to sun? Oo / hide) lol . It's late here, and I can not sleep . so I was going through random posts on the forums, old screen shots of good times . just general trolling as usual . and in reflecting . I thought of all the (I'm not a cat, it's not a cat, I'm not a cat, I'm not a cat, I'm not a cat, I'm not a cat. Kill me . and even if I was a cat . I'd supposably have Ve 9 lives . and there's always reclaim?).

Anyways! I want to know what I have to say, I want to know what I have to say, I want to know what you are doing. *) And what you hope to achieve in '08! Come on guys, give me something to read at 5a.m. I do not know what to do. Lol, the post is HERE . make it good . hell even include screen shots if you want, just keep it . 'cleanish' as ​​much as you can lol & gt;. & Gt;

2017 Menu # 15
Don Pedro cheesecake - Vanilla cheesecake made with our homemade cream cheese; Mass of cocoa and hazelnuts; Caramel sauce with whiskey; Chardonnay 2016 , Valley of Tulum

Nushen shouts: Everybody give it up for RK ShadowS for this friggin 'insane party with LTK on the mic!
Tarryk shouts: h00t h00t !!
Tarryk shouts: RK ShadowS ftfw
Enigmatia shouts : <3!
Nushen shouts: Do not forget DJ Dynamiks for kickin 'it off with hella bang!

lol it was that much of a success that Tarryk and I talked about doing this Again NEXT year, same time, same place;) There were over 200m credits alone, I did not mention the items . you guys just . blow my mind in a good way sometimes . I'm honored to call RKS my extended world-wide family, and SW the same, for we may have different org names over our heads, but I think of all of us as one big entity. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and that your New Years is safe, Happy and spent with those you love, whether in game or out! To those of you that are unable to be in play with us now due to work, school, family or computer problems . we miss you, but you still have to home with us when you can come back to us :) just keep We hope you enjoy your time with us and hope to see you again soon. Thank you very much for your help. > Be safe, be happy, and if you're gonna do it my way, do it well;)

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