Published: Thu, April 13, 2017
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SND34 World's Best: The Grid - The Society for News Design - SND

SND34 World's Best: The Grid - The Society for News Design - SND

The Grid,

The Grid The perfect reflection of the community it lives in. We would describe his personality in six words: FUN, intelligent, bold, authentic, sophisticated, and young.

The consistency from page to week is just staggering. And yet the staff finds ways to reinvent their formula each week. They are able to seamlessly shift gears between numerous storytelling formats and devices, always delivering a smarter edited experience.

The Grid's young and energetic color palette not only links the publication together but also is based on press limitations, Sticking with pure cyan, magenta and yellow.

The Grid really connects with its audience by including their voices and opinions, opening the window on the people and reflecting their life in Toronto. We are jealous of the readers who get to read this publication each week. It's addictive.

Ambitious photo shoots like the food trucks are evidence of a mighty tabloid making big things happen. Food pages display real, authentic dishes you want to eat.

Clever asides, bonus elements and hidden gems reward you for spending time with The Grid. Nice touches include mini-map locaters, hypertext explanations in the margins, clever thumbnail graphics, and fun little points of interest. They might be fun, but they're not decorative gimmicks; They're storytelling elements.

The Grid has excellent stories to start with, but the designers have the ability to take those stories to new levels. In subtle but fearless ways. As an example, the cover about "Toronto's Hardest-Working Dogs" is the first to read "THE GRRID." Seeing this cover made us all smile and imagine how much fun their brainstorming sessions and work environment must be < / P>

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The Grid is the perfect reflection of the community in which you live. We could describe your personality in 6 words: fun, intelligent, daring, authentic, sophisticated and young.

The consistency of page by page and week to week is incredible. And yet they find ways to reinvent their formula in every number. They are able to alternate different ways of telling stories, always edited with intelligence.

The color palette is young and energetic, and not only unifies the publication but responds to printing constraints, often using pure Cyan, magenta or yellow.

The Grid really connects with its audience including their voices and opinions, and opening a window to watch and reflect on their life in Toronto. Of restaurants on wheels make it clear that The Grid is ambitious. The food pages show real, authentic dishes that one would like to enjoy.

There are always added items and hidden gems that reward you for spending time reading The Grid. Touches like mini-maps locators, explanations of "hypertext" in the margins, small and intelligent graphics, and interesting points of interest. They can be fun, but they are not decor. They are part of the history narrative.

History is always excellent, and designers have the ability to elevate them to an even greater level.

Sophisticated and young even in the smallest detail feels advanced for his time in a newspaper environment where lack naturalness. The Grid does it in many ways. It knows exactly what your reader needs and has a deep and thorough search of the topics.

It is necessary to say that if a publication wants to be the best in the world, it would do well to remember the great added value and intelligence that Is reflected in The Grid.

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