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Spanish Slang Dictionary | Language Realm

Spanish Slang Dictionary | Language Realm

This dictionary is a comprehensive and in-depth look at all slang, vulgarisms, curses, and insults, plus idioms, expressions, and a lot more, available in Spanish. If you enjoy Latin American films, television, or whatever, you'll find many of the words and phrases used in here. As always with slang, be careful using what you hear; It may not work quite the way you expect.

Nothing out of this world
idiom. nothing special

swimming in abundance
idiom. be rolling in dough; Be made of money. (Lit .: to swim in abundance)

n.f. Butt; Buttocks; Bottom (N.b .: colloquial or informal, but not vulgar, usually used in the plural)

n.f. Butt; Buttocks; Bottom (N.b .: colloquial or informal, but not vulgar)

n.f. big butt; Woman with a large butt. (N.b .: used only in reference to women)

adj. ancient, very old. (N.b .: used in the Rio Plata region)

need like water of May
idiom. absolutely need something; Really need something; Must have something

n.f. girl, chick, lass. (N.b .: very common throughout the Spanish-speaking world)

n. nerd; Very serious student. (Used in Argentina; from the English)

ni a palos
idiom. no way; Not on your life

no joke
idiom. no way; Not on your life. (Lit. not even as a joke)

ni modo
int. no way; Not a chance; Not on your life

ni pinch of
idiom. not even a shred of. (Lit. not even a pinch of)

no trace
idiom. no sign; No hint (of something)

ni verga
int. no fucking way; You've got to be kidding

do not open the bag
idiom. be tight with money;

"The Black Shirt" by Juanes, English translation of lyrics - Songlations
Wednesday afternoon and you do not appear, (You) do not even show signs, I> Not for poor and ugly, but for longing ... To bury it in you whenever you want, little mama. [* Alt.] The first meaning is literal, offering to bury a body.

do not fit a pin
idiom. be completely packed; Be jammed; Be stuffed. (Lit. not even fit in a pin)

do not drop the rings to some
idiom. not to be beneath one; Not be beneath one's dignity. (Lit., to not have one's rings fall off)

do not give no blow
idiom. of nothing; Not do anything; Be idle

is not my thing
idiom. it's not my business; It's not my affair

not being for jokes
idiom. be in no mood for jokes. (Lit. not to be for jokes)

do not import an ardite
idiom. could not care less; Do not give a hoot / damn. (Lit .: not be worth an "ardite," an old coin of little value)

do not wear anything on it
idiom. do not have any money with

do not need grandma
idiom. be full of oneself; Blow one's own horn. (Lit .: not to have a grandmother)

do not stand on bars
idiom. stop at nothing. (Lit .: not to stop at the bars [laws])

nothing happens
idiom. no problem; Not big deal

not power with your soul
idiom. be exhausted; Be fed up; Be unable to take it anymore. (Lit .: not to be able with one's soul)

you could not hear a fly
idiom. you could have heard the pin drop. (Lit. not even a fly could be heard)

not having grandmother
idiom. be full of oneself; Blow one's own horn. (Lit .: not to have a grandmother)

have no art nor part
idiom. I have nothing to do with something at all. (Lit .: not to have art or part)

n.m. <; bathroom. (Reversed form of bath)

n.f. grade (in school).

You never know
idiom. you never know; You never can tell

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