Published: Thu, April 27, 2017
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YALit - D.L. Perching

YALit - D.L. Perching

Writing for the Young Adult (YA) audience? Great! Then, of course, you will not be able to see what you are going to do.

Hooray for uniquely creative hybrid genres and the awesome brains that he wrote in them!

It's also a complete list, but simply the widely used ones.


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What's currently selling What's saturating the market.

Agents and publishers may wear hats, and a business hat is one of them. So if you're a traditional guy or gal, consider marketing your first book (s) in the popular genres above to increase your chance of getting published. Going rogue with an unusual hybrid genre could be risky. It is highly likely that they will not gamble on something that might not get the numbers they need sales-wise.

Also, YA is the reader audience not a genre. Best not to accidentally refer to it as a genre when marketing your book. It could be enough for an agent or publisher to even bother looking at all your hard work.

If you want to get found on sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Good Reads, you must properly categorize your book in a genre. As an indie author, it's not necessary to categorize your book as neatly since there's no middleman agent or publisher.

I've recently become super inspired by the idea of ​​only needing a thousand true fans to make it as To full-time writer. I've read this in a number of places but most recently heard it from author, Kevin Kaiser.

"Like you, I want to live the meaningful life and work that matters. I do not want to waste away in a job I do not like, earning money to buy things I do not need to impress people that do not really matter. "- Kevin Kaiser

P> With a thousand true fans, and opting for a simpler life, your dream of creating a living can become a reality.

My opinion ... I love different. That's why I picked up Soulless by Gail Carriger when I happened upon it while browsing at Barnes & Noble. I loved what it said on the cover. It's different and it intrigued me.

Image Source: Amazon dot com

It was in the Science Fiction section, but it also falls under Steampunk - not sure if I would have been drawn to this genre without catching this Book on the shelf. So glad I had this little miracle book. It's great so far. I love the story, and the author's writing is funny and clever. I'm so hooked.

For me, if I see the market saturated with certain genres and similar story lines, I would like something different and at least put my own unique twist on it .

To get those thousand faithful fans and writing dreams coming true.

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