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Avril 2009

I had an appointment in the immediate vicinity of the Garden of Luxembourg and as it was nice weather I made a return before for flower beds and avenues. Suddenly I realized that there were too many illustrious stone carvings or bronze castings and I told myself that if the Pantheon, a few meters away, is the sanctuary of the illustrious men of France, the garden is The place where many come out to catch fresh.

The garden was founded by Maria de 'Medici in 1612, it belongs to the Senate but it is always open to the public. It is also known for the large number of statues of queens of France around its central pond. But I'll put those on another day. Here I leave all that beau monde en bronze et en pierre with which I found myself:

The Prince of the Poets, Paul Verlaine (1844-1896). The Athenian sculptor Fidias, born about 490 BC and died at Olympia, 430 AD

The writer and The poet Gabriel Vicaire (1848-1900).

The writer Viennese Stefan Zweig (1881-1942)

Henri Beyle "Stendhal" (1793-1842)

The French-Cuban Parnassian poet José María de Heredia, born in Santiago de Cuba in 1842 and deceased in the castle of The Countess of Ségur (born in St. Petersburg, 1799 and died in Paris, 1874), a French-speaking woman of letters, was born in Bourdonné in 1905.

, A polyglot (he spoke 6 languages), wrote his first book at 58 (and then published about 25).

The writer Henri Murger (1822-1861) Scene S of Bohemian life "that inspired Puccini's opera" La Bohemia ".

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The writer George Sand (1804-1876)

(1818-1894), made in 1898 by the sculptor Denys Puech (1854-1942).

The Occitan novelist Ferdinand Fabre (1827-1898), by Laurent H. Marqueste. A tribute to the poet Paul Élouard (1895-1952), realized in 1954 by the Belarusian sculptor Ossip Zadkine (1890 - Paris, 1967)

The painter Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863)

The engineer and precursor of sociology Paternalist Frédéric Le Play (1806-1882).

The composer Frederick Chopin, born in Poland in 1810 and died in Paris in 1849. The Romantic and Parnassian poet Théodore de Paris (1844-1940), the discoverer of radioconduction and tele-mechanics.

The doctor and physicist Édouard Branly (1844-1940) Banville (1823-1891), author of "The Exiles" and "discoverer" of Rimbaud.

Political and political scientist Pierre Mendes France (1907-1982) .

There were some left out: Baudelaire , Flaubert , Beethoven And if he still missed the appointment.

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