Published: Thu, May 11, 2017
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Cryonic Hair Test - Series | Baltimore Washington Medical Center

Cryonic Hair Test - Series | Baltimore Washington Medical Center

Procedure - Chorionic villus examination

Chorionic hairs are microscopic projections that line the chorion, the outermost layer of the embryonic sac. Surgeons take samples of these projections for genetic testing, because they contain the same genetic material as the fetus.

If you are at risk for giving birth to a baby with genetic abnormalities, your provider Health may recommend this prenatal test to discover the genetic structure of the fetus, the miama is performed between 10 and 12 weeks of gestation.

Procedure - Chorionic villus test

To take a sample of chorionic hair, the surgeon reaches the uterus either through the cervix (transcervical procedure) or through the abdomen (transabdominal procedure). The position of the fetus in the uterus determines the procedure to be used by the surgeon.

Procedure - Chorionic Valve Test

When the surgeon uses the transcervical procedure , Opens her vagina with a speculum and inserts a thin catheter through her and her cervix.

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The surgeon then directs the catheter to the chorionic hair with an ultrasound guide. He confirms the position of the fetus on the ultrasound screen, so it can maneuver the catheter into the uterus without damaging the fetus.

Procedure - Chorionic villus test

If the surgeon uses the transabdominal procedure, it will be very similar to amniocentesis. He inserts a needle through his abdomen and uterus into the chorionic hair. As with the transcervical procedure, the surgeon uses ultrasound to determine the position of the fetus and help guide the needle to the chorionic hairs without risk.

Procedure - Chorionic hair

You should receive Rh immunoglobulin (RHIG) at the time of CVS (chorionic villus sample) if you are a Rh-negative intolerant patient.

The sample is sent to a laboratory. The mechanism that labor technicians use to manipulate the sample depends on the genetic abnormalities they are looking for and the type of technology they use. They will extract chromosomes from the sample cells to find out if their fetus carries a genetic abnormality.

In most cases, your health care provider will count the results of the test in two Weeks. The results can help you and your partner decide whether to bring the pregnancy to term or how to prepare for the baby they will have.

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