Published: Mon, May 15, 2017
Entertainment | By Alexander Flowers

Donald Trump Gives Sean Spicer His Final Kiss On 'SNL'

So when Spicer, like everyone else, saw clips surfacing Friday morning of Melissa McCarthy dressed as him driving around New York City on a motorized podium (made by a Montgomery county company), he probably knew to avoid watching Saturday Night Live this week.

The opening sketch lobbed several zingers at Trump, including a risque reference to Trump's claim to have coined the phrase "priming the pump".

The actress, who was also this week's host, kicked off a sketch with Spicer in the bushes outside the White House before taking back the lectern from Aidy Bryant's Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

After explaining Comey's firing with Russian dolls, McCarthy-as-Spicer flew into a rage, throwing a pillar into the crowd when asked whether he was surprised that Trump didn't fire him before Comey.

Later, McCarthy finally appeared in her signature "SNL" role - Sean Spicer.

Some reporters, though, seemed to be welcoming the change.

"Can you just do this full time?" one reporter asked. "I need to find Trump!".

President Trump would think that by placing a young woman on the other side of the toughest newsroom in the free world, the situation for him would become easier. "He - he wouldn't do that. They're saying that you're going to replace me with Sarah", Spicer said.

Spicer is seen rolling through New York in search for Trump to the sound of Simon and Garfunkel's The Only Living Boy In New York.

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All while Melissa McCarthy could be seen dressed as Spicer, watching the proceedings from some bushes. Sure, Alec Baldwin's impression of Trump has been great, but there's something about McCarthy's Spicer that has even topped that. She doesn't have your special spice: "salt and pepper and a little bit of sugar".

With Sean Spicer, in the Briefing room, we have one tough ride but that is exactly how it should be. "You are clearly articulate and charming, whereas Sean is bullish".

Prior to his inauguration as President, Trump frequently responded to his portrayal on the NBC show.

"I have a wife, I took vows", McCarthy's Spicer answers.

Spicer is the spokesman of President Trump and therefore a natural target of the billionaire's owned liberal media.

The first sketch of the night involving Melissa McCarthy getting hit in the face repeatedly with pies goes nowhere but McCarthy's delivery alone makes it fun to watch; if you don't agree, watch it again.

And then, boom. You guessed it.

McCarthy's return as Spicer came amidst her fifth episode as the "Saturday Night Live" host.

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