Published: Tue, May 02, 2017
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Francisco Arasa Nen de la Trona Reproduction | 1st Art Gallery

Francisco Arasa Nen de la Trona Reproduction | 1st Art Gallery

Real Oil Paints, Real Brushes, Real Artists, Real Art. The Certificate of Authenticity which arrives with every painting provides an assurance and verifies the authenticity of the hand painted fine art reproduction you purchased. Each oil painting is created by hand using only the finest canvas and oil paints available.

Important Notes About Your Painting:

If you have any request to alter your reproduction of Nen de la Trona And we'll have an artist contact you. If you have another image of Nen de la Trona that you would like the artist to work from, please include it as an attachment. Otherwise, we will reproduce the above image for you exactly as it is.

Used 100% hand painted oil painting on artist grade canvas 7-day Money Back Guarantee / Li> Enjoy Free Express Shipping. Hand crafted means unique to every owner. Each one of these canvas prints may vary slightly in brush details due to the nature of being hand painted, so no two paintings are the same. For those customers who appreciate quality and want to own an artist's work as it was meant To be enjoyed for you.

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Free shipping is included in the price of the painting. Once the painting is ready and dry enough to ship, we will roll it and ship it in a sturdy cardboard tube.

We always ship to express your order. The total delivery time from the moment you place your order until the package is delivered to your door is normally between three to four weeks.

When you receive the painting; 1st Art Gallery provides a free copy of the 1st Art Gallery, which is available on the website of the 1st Art Gallery. Full warranty covering manufacturing and material defects purchased from our website. The warranty covers damage for normal use. Damage caused by incidents such as accidents or inappropriate use are not covered.

Depending on the degree of damage to the warranted painting, either will be repaired or replaced. This warranty service is provided free of charge.

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