Published: Sun, May 07, 2017
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Hematoma - treatment of hematoma folk remedies and by methods | Natural & amp; Alternative Treatment

Hematoma - treatment of hematoma folk remedies and by methods | Natural & amp; Alternative Treatment

One woman had a misfortune: her daughter when she was small, the car brought down. And on a body of the different girl hematomas were formed. That can always help the person is his urine. Behind it and it is not necessary to go to a drugstore. But you need average urine, that is that, which in the middle and at the end. Impregnate with it wadded tampons and apply to the hematoma place, from above put cellophane. Fix a bandage or a scarf. All this needs to be done before going to bed. The compress has to hold on the whole night.

As soon as you wake up, the compression can be removed. As for light time of day, here you can be helped by the following means: to compress from vodka. Vodka needs to be diluted in proportions one to one boiled water. For a start it is possible to take on a glass of vodka and water. As in the previous recipe you moistened to gauze or cotton wool, it is also necessary to make and here. Then fix a compress something. For more effective national treatment of hematoma it is possible to strew the impregnated fabric with soda.

Pilocarpine: MedlinePlus Drug Information
Carefully follow the instructions in the prescription and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain anything you do not understand. When pilocarpine is used to treat dry mouth caused by Sjogren's syndrome, it is usually taken four times a day.

To do all the treatment until you do not pass the hematoma. On it about one week can be necessary.

Here's a couple more of councils. As soon as you were knocked, it was necessary to put the cold. Do not make mistakes and do not put the warm. It is possible to use cabbage also. It possesses remarkable properties. For this purpose melt away the cabbage leaf boiled water then apply and fix it.

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