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HOT TOPICS: Jobs - Interviewing, Good Work Standards And Keeping A Job> News> Media> Parent Network of WNY

HOT TOPICS: Jobs - Interviewing, Good Work Standards And Keeping A Job> News> Media> Parent Network of WNY

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Tips: Interviewing for a Job

First impressions count. When you go to a job interview it is important that you dress for success, so wearing your best clothes and being well groomed can go a long way. The first thing you should do when greeting your future employer is shake their hand and smile.

Here are a few "Do's and Don'ts" to remember:

• Do bring blows with you and use, you always want to have hands when shaking hands. • Do bring breath mints. Eat one before going into the building. It will help make sure your future employer has an enjoyable interview.
• Do not take the extra time while waiting to prepare any questions that you have for the person giving you the interview or to go over your resume.
• Do smile! It is important to remind yourself not to bring your frown or nervous face but make sure you are confident and remember to smile

• Do not bring gum. You do not want to smack it during your interview.
• Do not read the book in the waiting room. It is ok to read it on the bus or in the car on your way but make sure that it stays in your bag while you are waiting.
• Do not have your cell phone on or listen to headphones. You do not want to interrupt anyone or be distracted. Bring a small bag with you and store your items if you need it to calm your nerves on the way to your interview.

• Be dependable - Your boss, co-workers and customers are expecting you to be trustworthy, to be counted on the right thing.
• Have good work habits - Be on time for work, dress right And follow through on the job assigned to you. Your co-workers and boss will be impressed.
• Be efficient - In other words, do not be lazy and do not waste resources. This is important for you and the company you work for. • Be honest - No cheating, lying or stealing. • Go the extra mile - Do not wait to be told what to do. Always look for ways to help the company, your co-workers and the customers. • Be humble and modest - Give credit to others when they deserve it. • Be positive - Speak well of others and those around you Will be affected by your good manners.
• Think team - Always remember that you are part of a team, no matter how big or small your job is. Keeping A Job
Once you have a job, you will need to develop skills to keep that job.

Here are some ideas that may help you.

• Transportation - Make a plan on how you are getting to work. Are you taking a bus? Is someone driving you? • Are you taking a taxi or are you using some other form of transportation?

• Be on time - When you get to work, make sure you are there on time. You may need some planning ahead to learn how to be on time.

• Dress for success - Always be neat and clean. Learn how you need to dress for the job that you have. Some jobs require special clothing. You may have to change into different clothing once you arrive at your job. Know what you need to wear and be sure to arrive "in uniform" every day.

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• Do your job well - Learn all the things you need to do for your job, Make sure you do them every time you are at your job. Do not be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure.

Transition - Getting a job is all part of the transition to adulthood. These basic skills start at home by giving a child responsibility and having expectations to contribute to the family to the best of their ability. The first few jobs for any individual are a learning experience and an opportunity to develop work skills. Strong work skills are what employers are looking for in any potential employee.

Behavior - Everybody has good days and bad days but it is important that young adults realize that there are behavior expectations At work Everything from showing up on time to dealing with customers in appropriate ways is key to keeping a job.

Developmental Disabilities - Helping an individual achieve success at a Job may require on the job support and guidance. When helping an individual with a developmental disability find a job, working with a community agency may increase their success. Community agencies can provide a job developer and / or a job coach to help the individual. A job developer will help you find a job that meets your needs and abilities. A job coach would provide on the job support helping to lead them to independence at the job site.

Autism - Practice, Practice, Practice. Being prepared for the situation always increases the likelihood of success. Whether you are preparing for a job interview or how to deal with co-workers, practicing and talking about the different work situations can help prepare the young adult for their new job.

Advocacy - There are always skills that people need to learn at a new job. Encourage the young adult to ask questions and for clarifications when they are unsure about their task. Communicating with coworkers and the boss are the best ways to make sure the job is done right!

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