Published: Mon, May 15, 2017
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King Arthur (Actor) Was Almost on Game of Thrones

King Arthur (Actor) Was Almost on Game of Thrones

While the exact figures won't be available until Monday morning, King Arthur is now targeting a $14.2 million debut. Movie No. 1 starts with a title card explaining that man and mage lived peacefully, side-by-side, until the rise of the sorcerers led to a battle for Camelot. A tiresome and dour undertaking, the film begins with the nefarious Vortigern (Jude Law) teaming up with The Little Mermaid's Ursula the Sea Witch in order to murder his brother Uther (Eric Bana, basically reprising his Troy role) and steal his crown.

The British actor, 37, said he considered the Irish UFC martial artist while playing the legendary king Arthur Pendragon in Guy Ritchie's latest film. A + B, Right, Left!

Bad Guy Ritchie may not make good movies in the way Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels could seem good, but he does make great times, because where Good Guy Ritchie was primarily concerned with making movies that seemed good, Bad Guy Ritchie is primarily concerned with doing whatever the hell he feels like. Certainly, this is the first version of the King Arthur story to feature a character referred to as "Kung Fu George" or a David Beckham cameo, but let's just say Ritchie's take on Arthurian legend isn't going to surprise anyone who knows what's up at the multiplex these days. After Arthur (Hunnam) successfully pulls the sword, he soon becomes aware of his royal lineage and must decide whether to accept his birthright and fight for his place on the throne.

Revised data shows IIP growing faster, WPI easing
Inflation in the fuel and power segment was 18.52 per cent in April, while that of manufactured products was 2.66 per cent. The 2004-05 series had 620 items (397 item groups). 173 new items has been added under manufacturing goods.

He said: "I was a bit nervous, I thought I would be a bit mullered by the end of it but Aidan stabbed me with his knife on the first day".

For comparison, King Arthur roughly cost the same amount as fellow Warner Bros misfire The Legend of Tarzan. With a budget around $175 million and less than $20 million on its opening weekend, the film is set to be a huge loss for the studio and has already triggered a slew of opinion pieces theorizing why the film is struggling. "What he wanted to see was what I was about and whether we saw life in the same way".

Guy appeared less convinced, telling the actor: "I'm not sure that's this film Charlie".

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