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Moelleux Chocolate and Raspberry - The Finest Muffin / Brownie French

Moelleux Chocolate and Raspberry - The Finest Muffin / Brownie French

Moelleux Chocolate and Raspberry - The Finest Muffin / French Brownie

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One of the most elegant desserts in French cuisine, moelleux is a chocolate muffin as a brownie Raspberry liquid heart . Amazing!

The moelleux [chocolate maw-ah-luh] is one of the most chic desserts that are served in French restaurants. When they serve you, you can think of a kind of chocolate muffin, but when you discover a liquid inside. 'Did you forget the chef finish baking?' You wonder when you take the first bite. And then you realize - the interior is not a center of mass a little raw, but a delicate filling of chocolate. How the heck did they keep the liquid center? Once you finish reading this article you will know how to make this dessert exactly like a French chef, with the simplest equipment and with a French chef's trick.

Moelleux Chocolate and Raspberry >
A recipe of Pierre Hermé
For the ganache:
125gr raspberries, fresh or frozen
100gr dark chocolate (like 67% cocoa content)
30gr cream
For the mass of the biscuit:
70gr flour
200gr chocolate (like 67% cocoa content)
250gr butter
4 eggs
220gr sugar
Makes about 12 moelleux muffin

The moelleux can be prepared with several fillings, and you can substitute the raspberries for passion fruit for example.

A bowl floating in a pot of hot water. Slowly pour it down, making sure there is no water in the chocolate bowl. Grind the raspberries in the blender.

Pass the raspberries through a fliter to extract 100 g of juice. Heat it in a little stove and add the cream .

And now the trick that makes this incredible dessert possible. Slowly pour the chocolate and raspberry ganache into an ice pack. You can also use an ice tray.

It is a truly magical moment to see the dark mixture permeate the bag, colonizing the contiguous cell drop to gotra. Just let the graverdad do the work for you and wait for the lower cells to be completely full.

When the ganache ends in the funnel, press the ganache down the bag so all the cells are left Just as full. Tie or tape the bag and place it in the freezer compartment.

While the center of ganache hardens in the co-enhancer, we will prepare a dough for very moist Biscuit. Work the butter with a spoon until soft. Incorporate the sugar into the butter.

Melt the chocolate as explained above and add to the butter and sugar mixture.

Add the eggs and mix.

Finally, add the little flour that the recipe asks for. As you can see, this is a very moist dough.

Buy the best raspberry jam you can find, if possible with seeds. Here's one I buy from a lady at my local farm market, who makes it with her own raspberries.

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Heat the oven to 170 ° C and pull out the wire mesh.

You can use small pastry molds, but I prefer to use muffin molds, so that each guest receives his own moelleux . If you have a duya fill it with the mass of buscuit and fill each mold to a third of its height. You can also do it with a spoon. But it will take you longer and it is more whipped.

Carefully place a teaspoon of raspberry jam in the center of the molds filled to a third.

Cover with a frozen ganache .

Remove them from the oven and allow them to cool for about 10 minutes before unmolding.

This is the most critical time. You have to make sure the ganache does not escape from above or below (like this one). Unmold in aluminum in plastic film.

Cut the film around the moelleux and carefully place them in individual plates. Once in the dish, carefully remove the film from below the moelleux.

The buiscuit is soft, rich and silky, and the center is pure felicity - rich but not greasy, chocolaty and fruity at the same time . This is an elegant dessert for a romantic dinner. Tell her or him that you saw him here on!

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