Published: Mon, May 08, 2017
Science | By Carlton Santiago

Nintendo PlayStation CD-Rom Is Now Fully Functional!

Nintendo PlayStation CD-Rom Is Now Fully Functional!

Sony's work with Nintendo would eventually branch off into its own Playstation console, which would serve as the chief competitor for the Nintendo 64, which would use cartridges in contrast to the Playstation's discs. The collaboration between Sony and Nintendo ended on a sour note, with Nintendo dropping the partnership basically unannounced to work with Philips instead.

The Nintendo PlayStation prototype is the product of a brief team-up between Sony and Nintendo. The Super Nintendo was still functional, but for this prototype, the CD-ROM was completely self-contained and required a "boot cartridge" of sorts to access anything on a CD.

Before the parrtnership was broken off, about 200 prototypes of the SNES-CD were created. Mapping of internal components and how they interact with one another was the first time consuming task, though it resulted in a better understanding of how the console was originally designed. Now if only he could get the Jaguar CD to work without looking totally silly...

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In a newly posted video, Heck lays out how the system's CD-ROM drive suddenly started sending valid data to the system literally overnight.

As the only known remaining prototype in existence, Heckendorn has spent the past year working on mysterious Nintendo PlayStation. The YouTube content creator was able to showcase some of the testing he had to deal with when first attempting to get the hardware up and running even though there are supposedly no video game titles available for it to test it on.

"I came in this morning and jiggled the cables around and got ready to work on it some more, and all of a sudden it works!" The game had minor graphic glitches, but they were easily fixed after Magic Floor's developer took a look and tweaked some code. By replacing bad capacitors and making a slew of other adjustments and fixes to the unit, Heck has restored its ability to run audio CDs and, most importantly, CD-ROM games. It is rumored that Secret of Mana, one of the most popular RPGs of Square, began as a project for the ill-fated device.

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