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SCP-999 - The SCP Foundation

SCP-999 - The SCP Foundation

Object Classification:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-999 is allowed to roam freely through the installation if But he must remain in his pen. The subject will not be allowed to leave his or her pen during the night or be off the premises at any time. The yard should be kept clean and food should be replaced twice a day. All staff are allowed to enter the SCP-999 area, but only if they have no other task assigned at that time, or if they are on their break.

Description: SCP-999 appears to be a large amorphous, gelatinous mass Of translucent orange slush, weighing about 54 kg (120 lbs), with a consistency similar to that of peanut butter. The size and shape of the subject change constantly, although most of the time it takes the form of a big puff. The composition of SCP-999 consists of an oily substance unknown to modern science. In addition to a thin transparent membrane surrounding the orange mass, the subject does not appear to have other organs worthy of mention.

The temperament of the subject can be described as a playful and faithful dog: When approached, SCP -999 will react with overwhelming euphoria, sliding to the nearest person and jumping over it, "embracing" it with a pair of pseudopods while caressing the person's face with a third pseudopod, uttering high-pitched chirps and cooing all the time. The SCP-999 surface emits a pleasant fragrance that differs depending on who it interacts with. Registered scents include chocolate, freshly washed clothes, bacon, roses, and Play-Doh ™.

While the creature will interact with anyone, it seems to have a special interest in those who are unhappy or in some way damaged. People suffering from paralyzing depression, after interacting with SCP-999, have returned completely cured and with a very positive outlook on life. In addition to its playful behavior, SCP-999 seems to love all animals (especially humans), refusing to eat any of the animals. Type of meat and even risking his own life to save others, even jumping in front of people to receive a bullet that has been fired at them. (The subject's intellect remains a subject of debate: although its behavior is childish, it seems to understand human speech and most modern technology, including firearms.) The creature's diet consists entirely of sweets and candy, Being M & M's ™ and Necco ™ wafers their favorites. Its feeding method is similar to that of an amoeba.

Annex SCP-999-A: The following is the report of the experiment in which SCP-682 is exposed to SCP -999 in the hope that this encounter will calm the creature's omnicidal wrath.

SCP-999 is released in the SCP-682 containment area. SCP-999 slides immediately into SCP-682.

682: (unintelligible groans, grunting) SCP-999 moves In front of SCP-682, jumping like a dog, while screaming in a very loud tone.

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SCP-682 walks toward SCP-999, crushing it completely. The observers were about to abort the experiment when SCP-682 started talking again. Hmmm?

682: (Unintelligible) What is this ... (low sound, similar to a giggle) I feel ... I feel a tingle ...

682: (deep laughter) I feel ... so ... happy. Happy ... (laughs) happy ... happy ...

SCP-682 repeats the word "happy" for several minutes, occasionally laughing to climb to unstoppable laughter. As the laughter continues, SCP-682 rolls on his back, hitting his tail against the ground with a dangerous force.

682: (bellowing laughter) Stop! No more tickling! SCP-682 and SCP-999 continue the "tickling fight" until finally SCP-682 gets tired and seems to fall asleep with what appears to be a smile on his face.

After 15 minutes without activity, two members of the class-D staff enter the room to recover SCP-999. When SCP-999 is removed, the SCP-682 immediately wakes up and releases an unidentifiable wave of energy from its body, laughing like a maniac.

All people in the wave range collapse into paralyzing attacks of Laughing, allowing SCP-682 to escape and massacre everything in its path. Meanwhile, SCP-999 quickly rescues as many people as possible, taking them to a safe place to recover from SCP-682's "wave of laughter" as agents suppress and reconnect SCP-682.

P> Despite the SCP-682 tragedy, SCP-999 has shown no fear of the creature and in fact has made gestures suggesting that it wants to play SCP-682 again. However SCP-682 has stated, "That small stick of feculent mucus can [DATA ERASED] and die."

Was unsuccessful and ended in tragedy, this must have been the most fun I have ever seen.I never thought the day would come when I would consider the SCP-682 to be "cute." I ask that I be sent a copy of the recording of the Soon as possible. "

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