Published: Mon, May 15, 2017
Entertainment | By Alexander Flowers

U.S. president mulling to replace WH press secretary with Fox News host

Rep. Adam Schiff, ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which is investigating the Russian Federation connections to last year's election, called Trump's tweet "extraordinary". "For a President who baselessly accused his predecessor of illegally wiretapping him, that Mr. Trump would suggest that he, himself, may have engaged in such conduct is staggering". The memos from Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein say nothing about morale problems. The investigation is overseen by Dana Boente, the United States attorney in Alexandria, Va., who now also serves as the head of national security prosecutions at Justice Department headquarters.

When Sanders addressed reporters later in the day, Fox News's John Roberts posed this question: "What led you and the White House to believe that he had lost the confidence of the rank and file of the Federal Bureau of Investigation when the acting director says it's exactly the opposite?" When he saw the reporters, he ducked behind a tall hedge. "I'm saying if they're off just a little bit, just a little bit, it's the big story". I don't know. There's some - I don't know.

Unlike other presidents, Trump reportedly considers his public spokesperson the first line of defense for the administration, the same way a public spokesperson is the first line of defense in a corporation. In that interview, Sanders claimed Comey "lost the confidence" of "rank-and-file" FBI employees, a claim Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe contradicted in a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing Thursday.

Tunnel collapses at U.S. nuclear waste facility
The area contains about 56 million gallons (211.98 million liters) of radioactive waste, most of it in 177 underground tanks. The tunnels are hundreds of feet long, with about eight feet (2.4 meters) of soil covering them, the agency said.

Sanders charged through her answers, along the way repeating numerous questionable mantras the administration has used throughout its first four months in office and since Comey's firing. "The President made a decision to replace him, as he has stated very clearly now publicly". "We don't have them". In many cases, we look at what he was reacting to and whether what he said was accurate. "He deserved more respect than that".

Amid the turmoil, numerous bureau's 13,000 agents are simply trying to keep their heads down and move past this week's events with hopes of getting a new director in place as quickly as possible.

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