Published: Thu, June 15, 2017
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Gomphrena Globosa, Amaranthaceae Family

Although looking like liliputh zinnia, these beautiful flowers are Gomphrena globosa, commonly known as globe amaranth or bachelor button, is an annual plant that Grows up to 24 inches in height. The true species has magenta bracts, and cultivars have colors such as purple, red, white, pink, and lilac.

Its native range is in Brazil, Panama and Guatemala.

In Hawaii, it is commonly used in long-lasting laws since it retains its shape and color after drying. In Nepal the flower is used to make a garland for Brother's Day. The garland is put around the brother's neck by his sister for protection. In Trinidad, the flowers are boiled to make tea which is used for baby flu, oliguria, cough and diabetes; Bengali - botam phul (ফুল ফুল)

Flower of G. globosa

Names in other languages ​​

Hawaiian - lehua pepa, lehua moa loa [2]

Tamil - ல்லி (Vaadaamalli)

Malayalam - Gullalaa / Gul-alaa

Malayalam - "തമല്ലിക്ലിക (rakthamallika" / "ലി്ലി (vaaDaamalli)" > Sanskrit - "रक्ल्लिका (rakthamallika"

Hindi - "रक्ल्लिका (rakthamallika"

Japanese - 千 日 紅 Sennichikou

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Khmer - phka tumhu (ទុំ ហ៊ូ ហ៊ូ)

Nepali - 'makhamali मखमली'

Nepal Bhasa - gway swan वय्वय स्ंां

Lao language - dork saam pii (ສາມ ປີ ປີ)

Kashmiri - Gundi

European Portuguese - Life roxa

Thai - baan mai ruu Rooy (บาน ไม่ รู โ ยรย)

Vietnamese - Cúc bách nhật, bông nở ngày

Guitiiba, amaranth, flower of Santa luzia are some names of this plant in Brazil.

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