Published: Thu, June 15, 2017
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I agree this is not the place to seek medical advice. Whatever people you reccomend you will have to go to a pharmacy to buy it ... so why not just go and ask the pharmacist instead? They are qualified professionals (not just 'sellers' in other countries) and they will help you.

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Keep yourself well hydrated, and if your symptoms worsen go to the nearest hospital or health center.

By the way, Fortasec (Loperamide, aka Imodium) is sold OTC but has some contraindications and potentially dangerous side effects in case you suffer some types of infectious diarrhea and in some patients with concomitant illnesses. It may be very useful when traveling but any medication should be used by caution. It is usually not reccomended the first or only treatment as it stops the symptoms (diarrhea) but does not fight the cause in some cases it may delay your recovery.

Anyway, as said, please ask for professional advice. Get well soon!

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