Published: Fri, June 09, 2017
World | By Tasha Manning

Orchids by Antonio

At the end of the summer in Madrid (Europe) the days are shortened, that is why many genres finish their growth and prepare to rest. October has been a month of many changes within the orchard, maximum temperatures have dropped to 26 ° C (with sunny days) and minimums maintained for several weeks between 14-16 ° C. The climate of Madrid in the month of October has been warm (most of the first two weeks), with an average daytime temperature of 20 ° C and average minimum of 9 ° C. Thus, in mid-October I prepare the orchid for the fall / winter with the placement of "bubble paper" inside it, lining both the roof, sides and even the floor, to which I add a "grass-type" carpet . . Without forgetting the mesh of aluminet that I introduce it inside the orchard, this way, the days of sun gains a few degrees in its interior. With all this I maintain a humidity around 60/75% day and 70/80% at night. With a fan I maintain a temp. Between 16/18 ° C and avoid that relative humidity is superior, since with cold temperatures the plants require less humidity. Most of our orchids (in this case monopoids) are well aware of this radical change, although there are always some exceptions with a "second" growth cycle and even some late blooming as in Phalaenopsis pantherina, Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi " Red ", Phalaenopsis venosa" Red "and even new blooms in the primary hybrid Phal. Germaine Vincent. The broad temperature change between day and night stimulates the inhibitors of hormone production and modifies the hormonal balance of the entire plant that inhibits vegetative growth and prepares for reproductive growth with the initiation of the floral stick.

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