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Performances in 2012 - Southern Choir

Performances in 2012 - Southern Choir

Performances / Performance
December December: Christmas Party

Thursday December 20 @ 12 noon

Southern Choir was a guest performer at NSW SLASA 's Christmas celebrations at Bonnyrigg, where we were billed as Coro de la Misa Criolla > In reference to our sold-out performance the month before.

Our reception was warm as the day was hot. Our performance included Javier Busto's This Earth , Carlos Guastavino's In the furrows of love , Francisco Guerrero's 16th century Christmas song To a child crying on the ice And a quartet performance of Gaspar Fernández's Xicochi xicochi , the 17th century Christmas motet from Mexico written largely in the Nahuatl language. We closed with the popular Noche de Paz , which English speakers know as Silent Night , in a wonderful arrangement by courtesy of the awesomely talented Australian organist and composer David Drury. We were joined by our friend Hernan Flores , the Chilean singer and songwriter, who performed some of his own pieces to great acclaim.

November: Mass Creole and Christmas Our

Sunday November 25 @ 5 pm

Our last big concert of 2012 featured two much-loved pieces By the late Argentinian composer Ariel Ramírez: the Misa Criolla and the Christmas cycle Christmas Our . The venue was St Luke's Anglican Church at Enmore, and the concert was just shy of being completely sold out.

The choir was augmented for the performance by musicians and vocalists Hernan Flores (vocals, guitar, drum, djembe), Janis Carter (vocals), Imogen Granville (cello), Ricky Vargas (guitar), Manuel Garay (charango, zampoñas, percussion) and Liane Sadler ). The driver was Margot McLaughlin .

October: Back from Black 7:20 pm

The Black Dog Institute found at the NSW Writer's Center , intended to represent and educate About the various stages of recovery from the teeth of depression. It was a multimedia evening, incorporating art, millinery and music. We were asked to choose and perform the bracket of songs of lament and loss, representing moments of blackest despair.

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We opened our part of the evening with the funerary lament Sad Spain sin ventura , Written by Juan del Enzina in 1504 for the untimely death of Prince John of Aragon and Castille, heir to the throne of Spain. This was followed by Manchai puito , the traditional piece from Argentina about star-crossed lovers, Miguel Matamoros' Oath (A Promise), Beatriz Corona's (The Shielded Heart), Carlos Guastavino's In the furrows of love and Erase the pigeon (songs of the travails of love), Ariel Ramírez ' Alfonsina And the sea (a lament for revered Argentinian poet Alfonsina Storni who, in the grip of both depression and breast cancer, and finally, Javier Busto's This Earth , a Paean to his Basque homeland and a song of gentle surrender.

August: Blackheath Choir Festival

Saturday August 25 @ 7 : 30 pm

Our own part of the evening opened with an evocative Sephardic piece from Turkey, Par'ó era estrellero , telling the story of Moses and the Pharaoh. What to follow that with but two versions of the Ave Maria , by Tomas Luis de Victoria and Hector Villa Lobos, then Ay luna que velas! , the Renaissance-era ode To the Moon, a favorite in Javier Busto's This Land , and a progressive jazz piece El Progreso Honduras by Elliot Z. Levine of The Western Wind . Our performance moved to a close with Manchai puito , the wistful song of lost love from Argentina, and then - the break from usual style for us! - Bajo el mar , the Spanish version of Under the sea from Disney's The Little Mermaid . We closed with the gentle Nahuatl lullaby from Mexico, Xicochi xicochi.

July: This Earth

are proud to announce the opening of the South Sydney Uniting Church at the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia. We were joined for the afternoon by our friends Duo Matiz (Hernan Flores and Janis Carter), and were pleased to host a very full house.

Broken into three themed brackets. Sacred Songs featured Par'ó era estrellero , the Sephardic telling of Moses and the Pharaoh, the Ave Maria of Tomas Luis de Victoria, Pablo Fernandez Badillo's Alabanza , the Puerto Rican hymn to nature as a sacred space, and the tear-stirring Ave Maria of Hector Villa-Lobos.

And finally, Songs of Love opened with the Argentinian Manchai puito , Carlos Guastavino's lingering In the furrows of love and Se Miguel Matamoros' oath , and then went upbeat with Bobby Capo's popular Cuban bolero Piel cinnamon . Finally, a traditional dance piece from Colombia and / or Panama (there's some dispute!), Bullerengue , brought the afternoon to a close with claps and stamping feet.

June: Combined Choir Gathering

Sunday June 24 @ 2 pm

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