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Sri Nrsimhadevadas: Reflections on the beauty and nature of Visuddha-sattva Das

Reflections on beauty and nature

Beauty entails its mysteries.

Some think beauty is the balance between order and chaos, Harmony and bewilderment.

Behind many beautiful forms of nature I could underline an equation.

The Mathematics of Music is the relationship between numbers and vibratory sound . It also implies a beauty of the factual sciences as an expression of human knowledge.

Beauty: is it perfection or symmetry?

Science can not define beauty. Art creates it. And love transforms it.

Who determines the patterns of beauty, what is beautiful and what is not?

Beauty is not an obejtive property of the universe, But something else; The process of sensitive perception that the soul has.

There are subjective and objective criteria of beauty. Is everything in the eyes of the viewer and his mechanism of aesthetic-psychological perception?

The conscience of man in trying to understand the world and understand itself, is what determines the observer perceive different Patterns of beauty. Hence the various aesthetic criteria.

Maybe you can not or can define well what is beauty, but we know what we like. Perhaps it is the sum of all the wonders that move us. Who knows, I do not know, and many beauty artists have not declared it.

For some, absolute beauty is found in God, the Supreme Reality, and for others in worldly things that produce Sensory complacency. Absolute beauty is of a spiritual nature. In this the great saints, the sacred tradition of India, and the transcendental vision of the Vedantic knowledge agree.

Fractal patterns = self-similarity. A virtual beauty, not like a flower, like the scent of a jasmine offered at the lotus feet of Radha-Madhava.

The beauty of life comes from life itself, the beauty of being and knowing.

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How can you explain the beauty of a rose, a snowy and elegant swan on the water, Of a splendid jewel, or of a beautiful musical composition?

How to understand but appreciate the beauty of the underwater world, the complex cellular structure, beautiful flowers, fruits, the spectacular landscapes of nature , The incredible architectural constructions, the sacred melody of Sama Veda, the display of the multicolored tail of a peacock announcing the monsoon with its frenetic dance, or a beautiful landscape of the atarceder on a beach where the Sun Orange is about to hide behind the infinite horizon?

How can you explain the beauty of a rose or a beautiful musical composition?

Only with the warm feeling excited and with the Unbroken devotion (bhava-bhakti) all beauty can be appreciated, not with reason Cold.

And finally, supreme beauty is in the all-embracing Syamasundara Govinda Deva. She radiates from her transcendental body sat-chit-ananda , from which also emanate supreme strength, wealth, fame, opulence, wisdom, and renunciation. Lashmi Devi, the goddess of beauty and fortune, is one of His transcendental energies.

Worldly, ephemeral and frivolous beauty in most cases, It does not interest the transcendentalists who aspire to dwell eternally in Vraja. Those kinds of spiritual artists are not interested either in the beauty that dictionaries define or the aesthetic that arises from conditioned sensory perception.

Who has tasted the beauty of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna in the course of his spiritual advancement , Loses a taste for dead material things.

Sri Govinda, is so beautifully attractive that Her beauty surpasses that of thousands of Cupids.

The appreciation of beauty depends on the level of consciousness of the jiva. Ravens and swans are not birds of the same plumage. Srila Prabhupada comments on Bhagavatam (1.5.10): "Crows feel pleasure in a place where garbage is thrown, just as the passionate fruitive workers find pleasure in wine, women and places intended To gross complacency of the senses.

Swans do not find pleasure in places where crows gather for their conferences and assemblies. On the contrary, the swans are seen in the atmosphere of natural scenic beauty, in which there are transparent ponds of water, beautifully decorated with stems of lotus flowers of a variety of colors of natural beauty. That is the difference between the two kinds of birds. "

Those who are subjugated and in love with the external beauty of maya and sensory enjoyment do not understand that the cusp of perfection Or self-realization, depends on Visnu. The enjoyment of the senses is transient and distressing, but the enjoyment of the absolute beauty found in the absolute sweetness of Govinda is permanent and eternal.

The beauty of the female body is somewhat illusory. And attraction for the opposite sex arises out of the desire for sensory enjoyment. In Bhagavatam's commentary (1.10.16), Srila Prabhupada expresses the following: "The material beauty of a woman is an illusion, because, in truth, the body is made of earth, water, Fire, air, etcetera. But, as the living spark is associated with matter, it seems to be beautiful. Nobody is attracted to a clay doll, although it is made in the most perfect way to attract the attention of others.

In his commentary on Bhagavatam (1.11.36), Srila Prabhupada clarifies the transcendental position of Krishna as the supreme atmarama :

Lord Siva, who is considered most tolerant, was also struck by Cupid's arrow, because he also went mad for the Mohini incarnation of the Lord and admitted his defeat. Cupid himself, however, was captivated by the grave and passionate dealings of the goddess of fortune, and he voluntarily abandoned his bow and arrows in a spirit of frustration. Such was the beauty and attraction of the queens of Lord Krishna. However, they could not disturb the transcendental senses of the Lord. This is because the Lord is fully perfect, that is, self-sufficient. He does not require anyone's external help for His personal satisfaction. Therefore, the queens could not satisfy the Lord with their feminine appeal, but they satisfied him with their sincere affection and service. Only through the transcendental loving service could they satisfy the Lord, and He felt pleased to treat them as wives, corresponding with them in that way. Thus, satisfied only by the pure service they rendered to him, the Lord corresponded with such service as a dedicated husband. If it were not for that, He did not have to become the husband of so many women. "Finally, I must conclude these occasional reflections by saying: The face of Lord Sri Krishna, the source of all beauty, Is the personification of beauty, and Srimati Radharani, the manifestation of her inner pleasure power is the incomparable beauty that attracts supreme beauty.

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