Published: Пт, Июня 23, 2017
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Teen-wolf-ff | Tumblr

Teen-wolf-ff | Tumblr

Today my coworker told me how to tell her how she lost her wallet, and a guy returned it to her with his business card in it. So, my brain went, STEREK, and here ya go:

Derek is having a bad day. He hops on the subway, exhausted after a long day at work. Luckily, he finds an open seat and slides into it appreciatively. Until he sees an elderly woman pulling herself onto the train.

Teen-wolf-ff | Tumblr
Teen-wolf-ff | Tumblr

With a sigh, he gets up and offers his seat to her. It's the right thing to do, and despite his bad day, he knows she needs it more than he does. He's got a half-hour ride back to his apartment ahead of him, he's just grabs pole and settles in for the ride.

Thirty minutes later, the crowded subway car is empty, other than him . It pulls up to his stop, and he walks over to the doors before they open, ready to get home. The heels about to step off, he spots something black underneath one of the seats. He leans down to pick it up, and discovers that it's a wallet. He looks around, but seeing no else in the car, he pockets it as he walks off the subway car.

When he goes into his room to change out of his heavy work clothes into a t-shirt and sweatpants, he takes off his slacks. They fall to the floor with a louder thunk than usual, reminding him about the wallet inside of them. He checks the sweepstakes, extracts the wallet, and sits down on his bed to take a look through it.

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He checks the cash pocket first, finding $ 24 dollars inside. Derek does not even consider taking any of it, he has enough money as it is. He fumbles through the rest of the wallet, pulling out random items as he goes. A few of them are standard items; A credit card, a library card, and a driver's license.

He takes the driver's license out and looks at it more closely. The name on the license is something I can not even begin to try to pronounce. Maybe the guy is foreign? Derek brings the license closer to his eyes and studies the picture closely.

The owner is pretty good looking; He has brown hair, light brown eyes, and a very charming smirk that shows off an angular set of cheekbones.

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