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The corner of Yokai

The corner of Yokai

Today I will review one of the most precious anime I have ever seen and that I will have the pleasure of seeing ... Mushishi. I do not say more, I express everything in the review: Mushishi or Mushi shi

​​ Genre : seinen, supernatural, slice of life

Produced by : Artland

Directed by : Hiroshi Nagahama Toshio Masuda

Based on : Manga created by Yuki Urushibara

I> They exist since the dawn of time. Some live in the dark behind the eyelids. Others eat silence. Others steal men's memory, others drive them mad ... The Mushi are organisms normally invisible to the human eye, but Ginko, an expert master of the Mushi, travels through a magical and ancient Japan to help those who They have problems with the Mushi and to avoid that the collision between both worlds breaks the natural balance.

Many will already know this series from before, others have known it recently due to the emission of the 2nd Season (like me) and others will not know it. This series is divided into many autoconclusivos chapters that do not depend on previous ones, so it could be said that any episode can be the first: they can be seen in the order that is preferred. Do you want to start seeing your 2nd season before? No problem. You can skip the order in which the episodes are seen: it is totally indifferent. And now, let's review the series of truth!

There are so many things I want to say about this series in this review that I do not know if I can sort them well ... but I will try as best I can. For starters, Mushishi does not seem at all to anything you've seen.

Many will be surprised by the fact that Ginko goes alone in the world, with no character to share the protagonism or any secondary to help, but for me that is another of the strong points of the series: To Ginko of such a halo of mystery that you will want to know about his past, but things will go away knowing in due time . It also goes without saying that the characters that appear are different in each episode, never repeated (at least this season). Another of his strong points is that Ginko, as expert in Mushi that is, feels a great respect for all forms of life and gets angry when they commit injustices against the Mushi.

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If you are looking for a series that makes you think and reflect for a while, Mushishi is your series. In fact, it's a series to take it easy: you never have to see this series in Marathon, or else you'll be killing the essence of the series. Your thing is to see an episode every few days or even one every day, letting that episode you just see fill you; Letting it expand throughout your being to make it yours, and there the soundtrack plays a very important role because the simplicity and beauty of your songs will keep you deep . Then, when you have filled yourself with the essence of that episode, move on to the next and repeat the process. The events unfold in a variety of beautiful landscapes: deep millennial forests, lost mountain villages, snow-covered forests, bamboo mazes, lakes, rivers, ponds ... Mushishi shows the exuberance of Nature of a few centuries ago and and that does not leave you indifferent. The animation of this anime is somewhat old (2006) but very well achieved at all times.

Another attraction of the series are the Mushi: unique organisms that are neither animals, plants nor fungi. There are many types, colors and shapes, and are not normally visible to the human eye. Many possess "powers" or "abilities" that are shown when they come into contact with humans, and are truly amazing: mushis that make people disappear, others that endow them with a prodigious vision , Others that steal your memory and an eye, others that make you predict the future through dreams ... Each episode focuses on one of these Mushis and their effects on humans; Some are really amazing. Ginko, as mushishi that is, moves from one place to another to gather information on different species of Mushis and to try to help those affected by them the best they can.

Reviewing the episodes that I Have liked it, because here almost every episode is worthy of study and deserves a second and even a third viewing, I will mention some titles of the stories that have most filled me: The green throne, The light of the eyelids, The pillow passage, The traveling marsh, To the rain and rainbow, The sleeping mountain, The one-eyed fish, Inside the cage, Collecting empty cocoons, The cotton spore, The lament of rust, The field In flames and the sound of footprints in the grass.

I have left many others that I have liked, but basically these are the best of the first season for me.

What else do I have to say? Just that you see it, it will not leave you indifferent. It's a beautiful series to say enough and although some episodes are difficult to understand, over time you will realize that that does not matter at all. And now, head to the second season!

The best : The protagonist, the soundtrack, the landscapes, the stories, the Mushi ... Everything. P>

Note: 9.3 / 10 (Masterpiece)

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