Published: Mon, June 12, 2017
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The Filthy Dog Movie: Alice (Neco Z Alenky) - 1988 - Jan Svankmajer

The Filthy Dog Movie: Alice (Neco Z Alenky) - 1988 - Jan Svankmajer

After reading the Lewis story Carroll, Alicia falls asleep in her room surrounded by her toys, and in dreams is transported to Wonderland. As he pursues the elusive White Rabbit, he lives dangerous adventures in the depths of the Kingdom of Childhood, culminating with the judgment he is subjected to at the court of the King and Queen of Hearts.

Disturbing and Sickly (?) Homage to Lewis Carroll's classic, from the always eccentric point of view of his friend Svankmajer, who uses his stop-motion animations to recreate a bizarre and grotesque "Country of Nightmares."

Performances in 2012 - Southern Choir
We were asked to choose and perform the bracket of songs of lament and loss, representing moments of blackest despair. The venue was St Luke's Anglican Church at Enmore, and the concert was just shy of being completely sold out.

Here the plot is the least, because the strength of this film lies in the aesthetic strength of the grotesque world represented, and certainly not a movie for all audiences (?), Fortunately

For those who are most fortunate, it will serve to abhor the digital age (?) In favor of those times of more artisan (?) Effects, LINK IN COMMENTS


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