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Tree - meaning of tree dictionary

Tree - meaning of tree dictionary

s. M. BOTANIC A woody plant that branches to a greater or lesser height of the soil, forming a canopy.

2 . NAUTICA Round or cylindrical wood fixed in a boat that holds the yards to which the sails are attached. Stick

3 . COMPUTATION Conventional representation of a structure.

4 . LINGUISTIC Graphic representation of the sentence structure in constituents.

5 . MECHANICAL Fixed or rotating shaft of a machine the impact damaged the vehicle shaft.

6 . CONSTRUCTION Right foot on which supports the structure of a spiral staircase.

7 . GRAPHIC ARTS Iron part on the top of the spindle of the printing press.

8 . GRAPHIC ARTS Height of the letter from the base to the shoulder.

9 . TECHNOLOGY Punches with wooden handle that watchmakers use to pierce the metal.

10 . MUSIC Axis of the organs that, moved at the performer's will, acts on the musical registers.

11 . CLOTHING AND FASHION Body of the shirt, without the sleeves.

12 . fire tree or gunpowder SHOWS Wooden frame, consisting of a shaft and several crossbars, which supports pyrotechnic rockets.

13 . Judas tree BOTANIC Cyclamen, ornamental leguminous tree.

14 . tree of the science of good and evil RELIGION The tree of earthly paradise, according to the Bible, whose fruits were forbidden to Adam and Eve by divine command.

The Indian Rupees that we had left we changed in the same town at the right price without having to haggle. Many people are dressed in traditional clothes: curiously more them, with their skirts

15 . tree of life ANATOMY Set of branches, formed in the brain by the gray substance on the white.

17 . tree of paradise BOTANICAL The tortuous trunk, whitish and lustrous leaves and drupe reddish yellow fruits.

18 . Christmas tree Red spruce or other conifer that is decorated with lights, ornaments and gifts to celebrate Christmas.

19 . family tree or sideways Descriptive chart, usually developed in the form of a tree, of the ancestry or descent of a person.

20 . Biggest tree NAUTICAL Main stick of a ship.

21 . respiratory tree ANATOMY Respiratory system of higher animals.

m. Perennial plant with a woody trunk branching off at some height from the ground.

Christmas tree Tree, usually a pine or spruce, which for Christmas is adorned with various objects and with lights.

I> p. Ext. Descriptive table, usually in the form of a tree, of relatives in a family.

construct. Right foot of a spiral staircase.

ingen. transmission shaft Set of coordinate axes that communicate the power of an engine to different devices.

ling. Diagram showing the structure of the sentence in the analysis of immediate constituents.

A ship's stick.

botany woody and elevated trunk plant Planted trees along the avenue. Pine decorated for the celebration of Christmas decorate the Christmas tree

2. computers scheme representing the relationships of a set tree diagram scheme with the generations of a family I asked my grandfather to help me make our family tree.

4. construction bar or shaft holding a structure The spiral staircase tree was designed.

5. nautical bar or tree that holds the sails of a ship The wind broke the trees of the boat.

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