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Water, air and ground pollution

It is the one that occurs as a consequence of the emission of toxic substances. Air pollution can cause disorders such as burning eyes and nose, irritation and itching of the throat and breathing problems. Under certain circumstances, some chemicals found in contaminated air can cause cancer, congenital malformations, brain damage and nervous system disorders, as well as lung and respiratory tract injuries.

Air pollution also causes damage to the environment, having affected the tree flora, fauna and lakes. Pollution has also reduced the thickness of the ozone layer. In addition, it produces deterioration of buildings, monuments, statues and other structures.

What are the main air pollutants?

Carbon (CO ): It is an odorless and colorless gas. When it is inhaled, its molecules enter the bloodstream, where oxygen distribution decreases. At low concentrations it produces dizziness, migraine and fatigue, whereas in higher concentrations it can be fatal.

Carbon monoxide occurs as a result of the incomplete combustion of carbon-based fuels such as gasoline, Oil and firewood, and natural and synthetic products, such as cigarette smoke

Carbon dioxide (CO2) : It is the main gas that causes the effect greenhouse. It originates from the combustion of coal, oil and natural gas. Liquid or solid causes burns, freezing of tissues and blindness. Inhalation is toxic if in high concentrations, which may cause increased respiratory rate, fainting and even death.

Hazardous atmospheric pollutants (PAHs) : These are chemical compounds that affect health and the environment. PAH emissions come from sources such as chemical factories, dry cleaning products, printing and (Cars, trucks, buses and airplanes).

Lead : It is a metal with high toxicity that causes a variety of disorders, especially in young children. It can affect the nervous system and cause digestive problems. Certain chemical products that contain lead are cancerous. Lead also causes damage to wild fauna and flora. Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) : It comes from the combustion of gasoline, coal and other fuels. It is one of the main causes of smog and acid rain. The first is produced by the reaction of nitrogen oxides with volatile organic compounds. At high concentrations, smog can lead to respiratory distress in asthmatic persons, coughing in children and general disorders of the respiratory system. Acid rain affects vegetation and alters the chemical composition of water in lakes and rivers, making it potentially uninhabitable for bacteria, except for those that have acid tolerance.

Sulfur dioxide ( SO2) : It is an odorless gas when it is in low concentrations, but in high concentration it gives off a very strong odor. It is produced by the combustion of coal, especially in thermal plants. It also comes from certain industrial processes, such as papermaking and metal smelting

What can I do to reduce my contribution to air pollution?

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There are many ways to help reduce air pollution. A significant contribution to air purification can be made simply by following (or not, as the case may be) certain simple practices.

Since vehicles contribute greatly to air pollution through CO2 emissions, NOx , Ozone, VOC, HAP, CFC and volatile particles, the modification of the driving habits will contribute to reduce the same.

Reduce the use of the car, use public transport or bicycle, walk more, use the car as a means of public transport, etc. Are the best way to help reduce atmospheric pollution.

• Postpone gardening tasks that require the use of gasoline tools on days of high ozone levels.

· Eat organic foods or at least those that have not been subjected to such intensive use of agrochemicals.

· Restrict dry cleaning.

· Avoid using paints, oils and solvents on days with high concentrations of ozone.

· Reduce electricity consumption, which will help reduce SO2, NOx, VOC and particulate emissions.

· Turn on charcoal with an electric cigarette lighter instead of Do it with liquid fuel.

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