Published: Thu, July 27, 2017
World | By Tasha Manning

Hummingbird Favorites | Fine gardening

I know this is not really plant-focused BUT look at this little birb! It is an excellent choice to attract hummingbirds, tolerant.

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To drought. It blooms from mid to late summer and is naturally adapted to the habits of the birds on which it depends for pollination. Its vertical and vibrant panicles from red to pink to lavender facilitate access to nectars while growing in plants 8 to 48 inches high and 6 to 24 inches wide. Scarlet flower firecrackers, or any other native species, is a good choice for areas with full sun and rocky soils and fast drainage. 'Garnet', 'Andenken a Friedrich Hahn', Zones 7-10) or 'Ruby' The zoologies of the 'Schoenholzeri', Zones 6-9) are two cultivars Deep pink flowers that quickly become the size of shrubs and bloom in winter in milder regions. Most Western penstemons are distracted away from their native places, but they are more adaptable (Husker Red ', Zones 3-8) or prairie penstemon (Penstemon tubaeflorus, Zones 4-8). They can not provide the same color impact of their Western counterparts, but they attract hummingbirds all the same.

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