Published: Sat, August 26, 2017
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30 Ideas to make your pots magical

30 Ideas to make your pots magical

If we love our garden, we are always looking for ideas to design it even more beautiful. There are a thousand and one ways depending on your resources, and if you put a little creativity you can achieve something really beautiful in a small space.

There are ideas for example, that help you design a cozy garden with Stones, a garden with recycled woods are also beautiful. You can even think of more sophisticated ideas as a Zen garden that, besides being beautiful in the eyes, is beautiful for the soul.

But all gardens are a place to rest your soul and mind , And ideas are inexhaustible to achieve a magical garden , and as a magician, this time we bring you fabulous ideas to think about creating a different garden with magic ideas to blow the imagination. They are ideas of pots decorated with details that will give a magic and fantastic touch to your garden, in creativity there are no limits. So, take notice and prepare your pots.

Beautiful trunk made a little house of elves.

Little hobbit house

Small paved walkway in small garden In pot

Pot with detail of cottage and lanterns

Beautiful setting fantastic in this little pot with fairies and succulents

This is a fish tank that also serves to create Your own magical gardens, this time with a little elf working the earth in a garden. In this idea, a simple ceramic house and a couple of plants, is enough to give the magic touch

In these cases a pair of fairies or elves of Pottery, make the job of transforming your pot, it is simple and economic.

Stepped pot with different plants set with elves and fairies

Small magical potted garden with succulents

Stones are the dominant element in this magic pot that will beautify your home

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Beautiful miniature garden house. In this flowerpot various small leafy plants are the green element that adorns

A tower and a small doll set in this pot of beautiful plants

A miniature lake for this colorful, Detail of the bridge and small plants make this pot something nice for your garden

Flowerpot with 3 levels set in a different way, send with a higher level with small chairs emulating a micro garden Of "Gandalf" covered with cute foliage of small plants, a beautiful detail for the garden or pot

Fairy garden in bathtub. It complements beautiful plants and stones

Stone door emulating a small house in an open garden

Beautiful garden with animals and a small stone chapel.

This is a garden made on a wheelbarrow that was used to form a nice pot with small plants and on which climbs a staircase to a small balcony

Beautiful metal bucket taken to form this beautiful flowerpot with purple flowers Which imitate a small garden and house in the prairies.

Thematic garden on the backyard area of ​​a house. It is a whole region with small farms and houses

Beautiful magic garden with pebble and lights, on a metallic bucket.

Garden imitating a small pond of water, full of beautiful decorative Of a small cottage.

Small cobblestone that remarks a group of small succulents on a pot.

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