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Short Stories about Christmas for Kids | Children's stories Christmas stories always teach us how beautiful Christmas is for children, and telling them to our children is the best way to keep the Christmas present in mind. On Christmas night I recommend telling the little ones and the greats of the house these interesting Christmas stories where Santa Claus is the protagonist and I assure you will like:

Christmas story

Many years ago, Lived in England, a man named Scrooge, who only cared to continue increasing his immense fortune every day.

Where for him, there was nothing worth celebrating, even Christmas itself seemed like an absurd party. What he can not suspect is that his perception of the holiday season was going to change completely thanks to an unexpected visit.

As he headed to close his business, a strange fog Appears in his path, appearing a human figure, who invites him to accompany him to his most remote past, where he was a happy child who loved these parties.

Before sadness nestles in his Heart, another new ghost, takes Mr. Scrooge to the house of his humble servant, who is celebrating a small dinner with his wife and little Tim, whose terrible disease does not prevent him from being a happy child. As happened on the previous occasion, before he could reflect on the images he has seen, a third ghost appears, that of future Christmas. With him, they will travel through various stages, among which he can glimpse his solitary burial. Frightened by such a number of visions, he decides it is time to give him a new direction in his life and start giving more importance to the people around him.

The right choice

There, they were left waiting in a huge room, where they could only see a very large table and a chair of the same size.

After a very long time, the room where they were, filled with light and color and in the great armchair, appeared the unmistakable figure of Santa Claus.

The small Tod threw himself into Santa's arms, while Rod ignored Mr. Claus, pouncing on his dream bike, which was parked in a corner of the room. When he wanted to realize, Santa Claus had disappeared, without being able to greet him. From that day, he realized, that there are things more important than the gifts and began to perform so many good works, that Very soon he was known throughout the city for his kindness.

Thanks to his change of attitude, in the following Christmas, Santa Claus showed up at his house to congratulate him for his good deeds and reward him with his company.

A deal with Santa Claus

Julio, it was a boy, to whom Santa Claus, had greatly disappointed to not bring everything he had asked him last Christmas.

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This was his displeasure, that Santa Claus himself decided to go see him and ask him about First hand, the reason for his anger and above all, for he wanted so many toys, if he was a very sociable child, who did not lack friends.

They decided to make a deal, he would give them all toys That he would like, in exchange for all his friends. Something that Julio, willingly accepted.

So he waited patiently until Christmas came, in which he wrote again to Santa Claus, repenting for having been so stupid and changing his friends for toys, begging him, to give back to his playmates.

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