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Acariens translation Spanish | French-Spanish Dictionary | Back

Acariens translation Spanish | French-Spanish Dictionary | Back

PolarLight 2 is resistant to mold, dust mites and other maladies.

And other illnesses.

He found more mites than other mites.

A mite

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It is capturing and transporting inland Of the cell of extracellular substances by invaginations of the cellular membrane. Types of substance exchange Concentrations of Solute on both sides of the membrane are regulated by osmotic pressure.

P> ls ont réussi à créer des abeilles résistantes aux acariens, plus par ce procédé, they commencèrent à perdre des caractères comme leur docilité et leur capacité à stocker le mel, donc pour surmonter ce problème, ces chercheurs collaborent maintenant avec des apiculteurs industriels. They succeed in rearing mite-resistant bees but in that process, bees begin to lose traits such as sweetness and the ability to store honey, so that to overcome that problem, researchers are Collaborating with commercial beekeepers.

Il émet un produit chimique volatile qui se propage dans le monde et somme d'autres espèces d'acariens qui a It releases a volatile substance that spreads throughout the world and attracts another species of mite that arrives and attacks the red spider, defending the white bean.

The Ultimate connue pour le résistance aux parasites tels les acariens et les moisissures, q est très appropriée pour faire des boutures.

Ultimate stands out for its resistance to pests such as the red spider and mold, and is very suitable for cutting.

Well qu'elle soit une bonne productrice ses bourgeons pas trop denses la rendent trés résistante aux champignons et aux Although it is a plant of good production, its buds not too dense make it very resistant to the attack of fungi and caterpillars and its fine leaves do not Are often too attractive for the red spider.

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