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Carnaval de Curramba for everyone Carnaval de Curramba for everyone

The festivities, which are presided over by the carnival queen and King Momo named the year before, begin unofficially with the whistles announcing the arrival of the new year.

The events of the precarnavales proper begin with the Reading of the Band, continue with the Taking of the City, the Coronation of the Queen, the Children's Carnival, the Gay Parade and the most important celebration of The Precarnavales, the Guacherna, a night parade that takes place on a Friday before Carnival Saturday, inaugurated in 1.974 thanks to the initiative of the composer Esthercita Forero.

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I order and I command in my party farandulero:

Declare to "La Arenosa", today January 20, free territory and zone clear of all antipathy and stress As required by the state of emergency carnival, today, tomorrow and after.

From this date, jacarandosa, I order folk curfew that will rule during all days of the run-you-reach-you so that the elevations in glasses take the city from the doors of open canteens Until Tuesday of the Conquest, to the son of cumbias, porros, puyas, mapalés, bagpipes and merecumbés.

I give a quirky permission to carry percussion weapons and license to transit through all the areas of candela guapachosa of farándula, guachafita and zafarrancho.

Those cows, malebucks fallen from the papaya and slivers that are thrown from spoils, whistles and coralibes, will be declared full-time corronchos and, as insurgents, will be extradited from my fiefdoms as available Monkeys cuckoo guayaberos, marimondas and doodles:

I am the most hesitant state, the everlasting snoopers of my government, the de facto proclaimers of my bourgeois state.

I do not come with pods, because, I repeat, extradite the presumed states that we know.

That the Congos, Toritos and Doodles that honor my popular squadron, decimeros, groups of litanies, mamarrachos, gossips and other volunteers of effi- cient prestige, eponymous alcoholics, gorges, hands and feet are put to work immediately, moving the Skeleton and meat to the sound of drums, tamboritos and tamboritos .

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I order that we sing to the life and the party, with all the perrenque that the barranquillero town has always demonstrated, with the heated spark of its good Relaxing mood and the contagious and refreshing joy that justifies this folkloric and peaceful pereque mandaca race.

I want a million dead of the erre in the Battle of Flores and in all the zones of distension currambera.

Decree conspiracy without quarter to the jartera and the pingarria.

He who leaves without disguise will be sentenced to the holy rod and passed to the papayo of ridicule and popular derision. I put a tallow, and a fag who does not hesitate.

I expect another number of Volunteers sollaos at the Great Stop.

Let no one stay in your house, getting fresh as if nothing was happening on the night of the Guacherna, where the symbolic take of the city is made at the tip of tambourines, millet flutes, bagpipes and other ammunition And rattles of arms take, in front of the radiance of the moon of Barranquilla, accomplice, as if it were little, of our outburst.

That the Festival of Orchestras is a local paramusical shootout where the trumpets are fired, the bongoes are reverted and the gold Congo is crowned with laurels, those who achieve with their drums every timbal surpass their own water And aim.

That Tuesday of the Conquest, the evening of the final Bollován, we have a great part of victory, with a deep collective cry of farewell, at the funeral, old man Joselito.

And, the next day, to work, brothers of harmony, neighbors of coexistence, as if nothing, because Barranquilla knows how to rooster cock and on the anvil falter, and achieve everything that is proposed with love, good faith and Will of peace.

What a shame we are also the wick, the Sardinian and the whores.

I want to put the whole heart to the Carnival so that the Board is in a state of infarction and everyone passes it off.

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