Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
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Coruscan Hummingbird by Mariana Pinilla Hernandez on Prezi

Hummingbird Coruscans

Colibri Coruscans Habitat Names by: Mariana Pinilla The coruscans also known as: hummingbird, hummingbird Greater blue or orejiviolet hummingbird. Its scientific name is Hummingbird Coruscans. Its name in English is sparkling violet ear. Singular features Its main color is bright green possesses a narrow iridescent violet patch from below the peak to behind the auricular region. Sports a large purple patch Iridescent from the center of the chest to his abdomen. Its tail is a blue-green color. Http:// When singing the hummingbird grab a chip chip. Category threat The hummingbird is in less concern is to say that it is not in danger of extinction. He lives in rainforests, cloud forests, secondary vegetation, land where trees are shrubs or gardens. Food He feeds on some insects and nectar of flowers. SOURCE: and thank you

Acanthaceae - Acanthaceae
Note the jagged margins of the leaves, the thickened stem above the knots, and the striking bracts of the inflorescence. Note the subentire margins of the leaves, the stems swollen above the nodes, and the papery inflorescence bracts.

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