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Adopted by the International League of Animal Rights and Leagues National affiliates at the Third Meeting on the Rights of the Animals, held in London from 21 to 23 September 1977. Proclaimed on 15 October 1978,

Approved by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization


Every animal has rights, whereas ignorance and contempt of these rights have led and continue to lead man to commit crimes against nature and against animals,

that recognition by the human species of the rights to the existence of other species Of animals constitutes the basis of the coexistence of species in the world,

Considering that man commits genocide and there is a threat that he will continue < Considering that respect for animals by man is linked to the respect of men among themselves,

Considering that education should teach, from infancy, to observe, understand, respect and love animals,

Proclaims the following:

All animals are born equal to life and have the same rights to the

Animal has the right to respect

b) Man, as an animal species, can not be attributed the right to exterminate other animals or To exploit them violating that right. It has an obligation to its knowledge in the service of animals.

(a) No animal shall be subjected to ill-treatment or cruel acts.

(A) Any animal belonging to a wild species has the right to live free in its own natural, terrestrial, air or aquatic environment and to reproduce.

(B) Any deprivation of liberty, including that for educational purposes, is contrary to this right.

Animal belonging to a species that lives traditionally in the environment of the man, has the right to live and grow to the rhythm and in the conditions of life and freedom that are characteristic of its species.

(B) Any change in such a rhythm or conditions imposed by man for commercial purposes is contrary to that right.

(a) Every animal that man has Chosen as a partner has the right to have the duration of his life conform to his Natural longevity

b) The abandonment of an animal is a cruel and degrading act.

Right to a reasonable limitation of the time and intensity of work, to a restorative diet and to rest.

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a) Animal experimentation involving physical or psychological suffering is >

incompatible with animal rights, whether it is medical, scientific, commercial or any other form of experimentation.

> B) Alternative techniques should be used and developed.

When an animal is bred for food it must be nurtured, > transported, as well as sacrificed, without causing him anxiety or pain.

a) No animal should be exploited for the sake of man.

Any act that implies the death of an animal without necessity is a biocide, that is, a crime against life.

The death of a large number of wild animals is a genocide, ie a crime against the species.

Pollution and destruction of the natural environment lead to genocide.

(a) A dead animal should be treated with respect.

Are victims, must be banned in the cinema and on television, unless they are intended to showcase the attacks against the rights of the animal.

(a) Animal protection and safeguard bodies should be represented at government level.

Defended by the law, as are the rights of man.

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