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Guide of Mushrooms and Mushrooms of Navarre .: Geastrum schmidelii Vittad.

Guide of Mushrooms and Mushrooms of Navarre .: Geastrum schmidelii Vittad.

Synonymy: = Geastrum nanum (Pers)

Popular names: Dwarf earth star; Izarputz nanoa; Lurrizar nanoa

The smallest of the land stars, characterized by their perfectly delimited, grooved-furrowed and raised spore pore. No culinary interest.

Macroscopic description:

CARPÓFORO in star form, the smallest of the genus, once the peridium External does not reach 4 cm in diameter with 6 to 10 triangular arms of cream or light leather in the center of which appears a small sphere, the internal peridium of 1 to 1.5 cm in diameter, whitish to lead gray subject A small visible foot better when the outer covering is totally dry and with a very pronounced, striated and clearly delimited apical pore. GLEBA , the interior, is a brown dust mass constituted by spores. The fertile part, hymenium or gleba, occupies the inner part of the head or central sphere of the star, from 1 to 1,5 cm in diameter, whitish that opens by an apical pore well delimited by a Series of grooves or grooves that constitute the peristome.

These are spherical, brown under a microscope with heavily verrucous walls, 4 to 5 microns in diameter. Between the spores appear a series of branched filaments that correspond to the support of the basidios that decompose in the maturity, the capillicio, are of thick walls, brown under the microscope, of 2 to 6 microns in diameter.

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A rather rare species that develops on leaf litter or more rarely in grassy areas of pine forests or coniferous forests of all types and more exceptionally in Mediterranean sclerotic forests.

In a timely and more or less dry way can be found at any time of the year, but is more frequent in summer and especially in October and November.

Other species of the genus common in this community lack the furrowed and well delimited peristoma and are also larger. The most common are the Geastrum rufescens ciliated and undefined opening, with sitting period, the G. Fimbriatum with peridium a little peeled and opening sharply and perfectly delimited. Much larger the G. Triplex has an even better defined peristome with a circular ring around the aperture. The G. Pectinatum is already larger with the central sphere or gleba more clearly provided with a small foot and even furrowed at the base and with the apical opening or pore not so clearly delimited and furrowed. The G. Quadrifidum, as its name indicates, opens in four lobes or exceptionally more, presents the area of ​​the pore or opening, the peristome, perfectly delimited as in the described species, but not striated as in this one. It differs by other microscopic characters.

Distribution in Navarre (Spain):

Species occurring mainly in the Middle, mountain ranges of the Cuencas, sierra de Leyre and pine forests Pre-Pyrenean valleys.

Register of the species in the last 40 years in Navarre:

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