Published: Fri, August 11, 2017
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MONTE VERDE CLOUD FOREST - SportFishingBlueMarlin - Fish Now Work Later

MONTE VERDE CLOUD FOREST - SportFishingBlueMarlin - Fish Now Work Later


This tour includes hanging bridges to see the forest and beautiful animals, a visit to the butterfly garden, hummingbirds, lunch and a "coffee tour". Monte Verde cloud forest is a wonderful combination of nature that was founded by the Quakers and are situated in the upper part of Santa Elena in Monte Verde. Traveling to this park you will see cattle farms and a small village surrounded by pine trees, as well as the Monte Verde cheese factory that caters to the whole country.

Gardening tips in the summer heat by FVC Global - FVC Global
This decreases evaporative water loss, saving money and conserving water, and reduces the development of fungal diseases. Sun heats the water on leaves resulting in scorch or burn and increasing the possibility of fungal diseases.

It is an area that is well known for its good weather. Arriving at the entrance of the park you will be impressed by the density of the forests and the tropical climate in the park area. At some point during the trekking it can rain or extinguish completely cloudy. A rain coat may be necessary. During the hike your guide will give you an information session on some of the medicinal plants and different species of birds in the area. This park has some of the richest flora and fauna in the world. It offers a great variety of nature with much to explore and do.

What to wear: Walking shoes, long pants, light Rain clothes extra coat, hat / cap and a camera.

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