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My brain

My brain

How beautiful is all this love! The sun shines, the clouds rise, the birds sing ... Everything has a color and a special shine And how we think to touch the stars with your hand!

How beautiful our lives have painted us! Finding and being forever together with our respective oranges.

Everything revolves around that other half that has been missing for a long time, and that has appeared as if it were a redeemer. That half piece of fruit that complements us, the one that leaves us in our lives. That person whom we long to find so we can eat partridges until they burst for the rest of our lives, amen.

Yes, yes, so far everything very beautiful, precious. But to me someone explain to me why my partner, suddenly, a good day became an apple.

How cheeky! With what I wanted my half-orange.

After years of intense search, of yearning; He had finally found her. A half orange, with that fresh, sweet aroma, that vivid color and a little touch that you never know how to define, but that made one had those butterflies in the stomach and give my life spark.

And a good morning, I opened my eyes and found a green apple, plump and acid. While its taste was not altogether unpleasant, it was a rather difficult apple to digest. It was not that it was neither better nor worse, I do not want to discredit the apples, it just was not my orange, I no longer had the flavor that had the flavor that I had fallen in love with.

I reconsidered This strange event, and I realized that I had simply become so accustomed to the presence of a fruit at my side that I did not know that it had changed; So to speak, it had become stale. Or simply was always an apple and a victim of my obsession I objected that it was orange

However, I did not give up easily, I kept looking for my orange and the only thing I have found so far have been apples, almost all varieties, yes, but apples after all.

P> And I say, to whom should I claim my soul mate? Well, to make matters worse, I look around and see only oranges with oranges, and I keep asking myself the same question, why the only thing I've had are apples?

Yes, I know what you will be Thinking, "If life gives you lemons, make yourself a Sour Whiskey ... Well, since it gives you apples, take them."

Well that's exactly what I'm going to do, a good Jack Rose. P>

So, for my apples go this Jack Rose:

1 1/2 oz. Applejack

Applejack is a drink very similar to Calvados, whose origins date back to colonial times in the United States.

In all likelihood, this was one of The first distilled beverages in the New World.

Between the s. XVIII and s. Applejack was produced from New England to New Jersey.

One of the only remaining brands on the market is Laird & Company, which continues to belong to the same family that inaugurated it.

Because you have to take advantage of everything that life gives you, the good and the bad. If what you want are oranges and it turns out that life gives you something else, you have two options: to conform and endure at your side any fruit, for the simple fact of having one at your side; Or, to launch again to the adventure, to face the solitude, to learn to love you and to enjoy the small things that gives you life. And who knows, maybe next time you will find the fruit you want.

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These are times of great acidity for which we are going to deny it, a stage of ups and downs when we venture out to sea in the ocean of solitude and We know what we are going to find.

You decide whether to accept the risk or not.

3/4 oz. Sugar syrup:

Surround yourself with everything that makes you feel good, away from you everything else.

It's hard to break with the past, it's painful, it's hard ... No one is going to deny it. But there are times when we must have the courage to do it if we want to take steps forward.

It is no use to be aware that we are not happy, that we want to change our present, if we are not Able to take the step, because in this way you make life a hell .

1/4 oz. Granadina:

Be very careful with this ingredient! Well as with the orange socks, you can not find grenadine drinks like before. Now the most abundant are sugar waters with artificial coloring. The real Granada comes from the pomegranate, and therefore knows this fruit.

Do not accept under any concept sweet versions of what could be, will end up making your life a farce. > The method of production is very simple:

All ingredients are shaken vigorously in a shaker; The best example of what it means to go through a stage of maximum agitation.

It is served in martini glass, just like a feline we must know to fall on his feet. Not to show our spirit down, for falling into the error of believing for sure that there is no human being on the face of the earth who suffers, nor suffered more than we.

I could choose a great Final, with a fulminating conclusion that unleashes tears and bitter memories, that solves problems and alleviates the pains ... But there is not, or at least I have not found it.

But I can advise you Next: go your way, dare, stumble; And never, never forget to get up and go back.

And take into account that the world will not stop for it.

Take things with humor, not to subtract them from seriousness, but to stop you from importing.

And especially since it's about time you start enjoying life for yourself, and do not make it depend on anyone else.

With my years and experiences, I have ever had my half-orange by my side. And if there is something I have clear is the fruit I want by my side.

With the years I have left, I doubt I will find it.

Painful? No longer. It's funny how we suffer from nostalgia for something we may never have had.

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