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Pearl (Jewel in English) is a blue macaw and the co-star of the movie Rio. When it is discovered that Perla is the last female of its species, Julio / Tulio took her to his aviary, waiting for the only male of the species, Blu. Perla attacks Blu when he sees it, Before realizing she looks like her. She takes him to an escape route, but without knowing it, he tried to kiss her. Indignant, Perla begins to fight with Blu. Later, when trying to escape, they are captured by Fernando. This one takes them with Marcel, who chains them. Perla tries to escape from them, with the complicity of Blu (who opens the cage, but whose inability to fly drags her down). Forced to move on foot, they barely escape the poachers and Pepillo / Nigel, who followed them into the jungle.

The next morning, Blu and Pearl try to break the chain with one of Blu's ideas , Which went horribly wrong when the rope stuck in the peak of Blu. Then they met Rafael, who offered to take them to see his friend Luiz to remove the chain. Pearl and Raphael tried to help fly Blu, but they could not make Blu fly, and crash on the beach.

Now in the city, you will find Peter and Nico, who, had given romantic advice to Blu the day before that was supposed to work. They reported that they had just lost the tram that would take them to Luiz, Perla and Blu-son taken to a bird samba club. Inspired by the music, Blu gets to dance, which impresses Perla. Pearl dances beautifully to duo with Blu, and as it seems as if they kiss, they are approached by a band of monkey marmosets, hired by Pepillo to find them. A battle ensues, Perla and Blu worked together to defeat some of the monkey marmosets. As the tram came, Kipo helps them reach it.

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During the escape, Blu used his intelligence to break the cage, released Pearl, and together they released the others. The birds fly off the plane, except for Perla, who knows that Blu still has her fear of flying. While trying to calm him down, he notices that Pepillo was close. Pele tries to help, but he hit the wall of the plane, causing a cage to fall on his wing, injuring her. After Blu gets rid of Pepillo, Pearl falls off the plane, and Blu jumps after her. Perla calls Blu crazy to come after her, but after hearing him say that he did not let her go, she kisses him. The kiss awakens the rhythm of Blu's heart, finally, allowing him to fly. Blu flies at the end rescuing Perla and taking her with Linda and Tulio, who try to attend to their wing. Perla, still distrusts of the humans, does not trust, but Blu convinces her for Tulio to help her. Some time later, Perla was fully cured and Tulio released her in the wild along with Blu. They have their home in the jungle , Now, they take care of their three chicks together.

A few years after the events of the first film, Blu and Pearl are celebrating New Year's Eve. While dancing, Jewel comments on how wonderful it was that Rafael could care for the children. When they see Rafael dancing with Eva they get nervous. Rafael tells them that he left the children with Luiz, which worries them most when they see Luiz dancing and without a sign of the children. Pearl and Blu ask where they are and they are horrified when they are told that he left them with Tiny.

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