Published: Wed, August 09, 2017
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Common name : White Silk Cotton Tree, True Kapok Tree, {Schwetsimul, Setsimul (Bengali)} {Safed Semul सफेद सेमुल, Safed savara सफेद सावरा (Hindi) सफेत सावरा (Marathi), Shweta shalmali वेत्श लमलालमली (Sanskrit), {Panji tannaku பச்திதண்தணக்கு, Shalmali மல்மலி (Tamil)}, Tella buruga (Telugu), Sambal Urdu

Ceiba pentandra (L.) Gaertn.

- [(SAY-buh) latinized form of the South American name for this tree; (Pen-TAN-druh) five stamens]

Synonyms : Bombax guineensis Schum. & Amp; Thonn. • Bombax occidentale Spreng. • Bombax orientale Spreng. • Bombax pentandrum L. • Ceiba caribaea (DC.) A. Chev. • Ceiba guineensis (Schum. & Thonn.) A. Chev. • Ceiba occidentalis (Spreng.) Burkill • Ceiba thonningii A. Chev. • Eriodendron anfractuosum DC. • Eriodendron caribaeum G. Don • Eriodendron Guinean G. Don & amp; Thonn. • Eriodendron orientale Kostel • Eriodendron pentandrum (L.) Kurz • Xylon pentandrum (L.) Kuntze

Family : Bombacaceae (baobab family)

Origin : Tropical America

Gardening, plants and their care: STROMANTHE 'TRIO STAR' Stromanthe sanguinea
They are very sensitive to the low temperatures, so much that they do not have to lower of 18 ° C in the winter period. Long stems carry flowers, yellow, red or white depending on the species and provided with irregularly colored bracts.

Except for a few letters, ... A - Z. . must say "well-known tree" !!

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