Published: Wed, August 09, 2017
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Common name : White Silk Cotton Tree, True Kapok Tree, {Schwetsimul, Setsimul (Bengali)} {Safed Semul सफेद सेमुल, Safed savara सफेद सावरा (Hindi) सफेत सावरा (Marathi), Shweta shalmali वेत्श लमलालमली (Sanskrit), {Panji tannaku பச்திதண்தணக்கு, Shalmali மல்மலி (Tamil)}, Tella buruga (Telugu), Sambal Urdu

Ceiba pentandra (L.) Gaertn.

- [(SAY-buh) latinized form of the South American name for this tree; (Pen-TAN-druh) five stamens]

Synonyms : Bombax guineensis Schum. & Amp; Thonn. • Bombax occidentale Spreng. • Bombax orientale Spreng. • Bombax pentandrum L. • Ceiba caribaea (DC.) A. Chev. • Ceiba guineensis (Schum. & Thonn.) A. Chev. • Ceiba occidentalis (Spreng.) Burkill • Ceiba thonningii A. Chev. • Eriodendron anfractuosum DC. • Eriodendron caribaeum G. Don • Eriodendron Guinean G. Don & amp; Thonn. • Eriodendron orientale Kostel • Eriodendron pentandrum (L.) Kurz • Xylon pentandrum (L.) Kuntze

Family : Bombacaceae (baobab family)

Origin : Tropical America

Nata Piñata
It seems that when you let go you feel better with the humidity, with yourself, yes, undoubtedly show yourself one as it is going to be beneficial to health! In addition to the panela, eco food, etc.

Except for a few letters, ... A - Z. . must say "well-known tree" !!

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